With Essie Mint Candy Apple being such an insatnt hit all over the beauty community
I thought now would be a good time to trawl the beauty aisles and find a reasonable priced dupe
for all of those that would rather save the penny's than splurge! 

Admittedly Mint Candy Apple was fairly hard to dupe as although mint green is nothing new to the polish world Mint Candy Apple is one of the paler mint green polishes I have encountered
resulting in it being neigh impossible to dupe on a budget
and one of the most stressful dupe challenges I have set haha!

The closest I have found thus far is NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Mint Macaroon
which is a deeper in tone than Mint Candy Apple but not as much as the photos would allow you to believe,
in reality yes it is deeper but not quite as deep as my camera has decided to show it as.

So can you dupe Essie Mint Candy Apple with ease...in a word no but I still
believe this to be a pretty good find as NYC is one of the better distributed brands out there
so I know most of you will be able to get your hands on this (with any luck) including international readers.
In the UK this is easily available in Boots and Superdrug stores for £1.49...complete snip!
Your best bet would be to purchase this shade and mix it with a little white nail polish
and I would say you'd have as close a dupe as possible without splashing out on the real deal.

Have you found a better dupe?