So this post is a little late but better late than never!
Basically I have used the Sonicleanse for 3 months straight - day and night without any breaks
in order to test it out fully, below I will let you know I use it and what results I saw over such period.

If you have never used a device like the Sonicleanse I will be truthful and say that the sensation
does take a little getting used to as does brushing your face haha!
Also you may struggle like I still do with taking your Sonicleanse into the shower
but rest assure it is fully waterproof and completely safe to do such
that however doesn't make me any less hesitant to take it in when the shower is involved,
my brain simply can't get past mixing water and electricity together!
Anyway the instant results are softer skin and you will notice a brightness to the surface of the skin
also you will find that your moisturiser will instantly absorb like never before.
I'm not really sure where to mention this but you should only use a gentle facial wash with your Sonicleanse
do not be tempted to use a facial scrub with such device as you will only irritate your skin
and make any purging that may follow worse than you will have anticipated.

After a week or so most will go through a purge stage - how badly the skin will purge
you will not know until it happens, I was quite lucky and only really had a small cluster
of white heads that cleared up really quickly but some have reported bigger break outs.
It is worth keeping in mind that we all have different skin types and if you are used to the odd break out or
two such as myself the purge stage won't seem all that terrible...I promise.

This is the stage where you may feel like giving up and going back to the way you used to cleanse
but I urge you to stick with it as the blemishes will pass and quickly too!
Basically the Sonicleanse has lifted all the dirt,excess oil and what not to the top layer of your skin resulting in the purge/breakoutbut once it clears up you will be home free and less likely to break out in the future.
My advice is to skip using a separate facial scrub while this phase is occurring
and to use the gentlest facial wash you can find and even then use the less is more approach.
You may also find that an oil free moisturiser will be most helpful while this stage is in full bloom.

Once the purge phase has passed I found my skin to be clearer and more radiant,
a good few commented on how clear my skin appeared and what my glow was down to.
I also noticed after around a month of use my t-zone was less oily and that pores looked smaller.
I'm not going to lie and say i'm enlarged pore free with beautiful matte skin because I am not
but I have noticed a difference that has convinced me to stick with the Sonicleanse.
Additionally I don't get dry patches as often as I did in the past as the Sonicleanse buffs away any dry
skin before it gets the chance to settle and form into a dry patch.

To recap - my skin is softer, clearer, absorbs product better than before and has a nice glow 
not to mention that my pores appear smaller and that I am overall less oily
which is not bad considering all I did was change the way I cleansed my face with one item!
I no longer use this twice a day but simply use it in the evening and the results have not changed.

So do I recommend this?
Yes it is a great budget facial cleansing tool that exceeded my expectations and is now part of my every day
cleansing routine, like most I was hesitant about this kind of facial gadgets but used properly
the results are undeniable and if you can afford to invest in one I say do it.

If you have acne or a skin condition I would seek medical advice before trying such product,
better to be safe than sorry. For reference I have oily skin that is prone to the odd blemish
but do not have acne or anything like that!

Rio Sonicleanse - £49.99 - link

This post contains a PR sample.