Mac Rubenesque Paint Pot


Rubenesque is the polite way of saying fat, you can actually say "Oh mother you look so rubenesque today" and chances are you won't get a slap, if you do well you really shouldn't be calling your mother names in the first place!

This is my second ever paint pot, what can I say I'm a slow starter. The thing is the paint pot colours never really spoke to me instore (not that any make-up ever actually speaks to me but hopefully you catch my drift) and I always seemed to bypass them in favour of a new blush or lipstick.

A good friend of mine wore Mac Rubenesque on her lids a little while back and I just had to know what she wearing when she said "Just a dab of primer and a quick slick of Mac Rubenesque", I made a mental note of must buy Rubenesque and use the word slick more often!

Rubenesque is described by Mac as a golden peach with golden pearl which is right on the money however they failed to add that it does have a slight pink sheen reflect to it in certain lights. If like me you are fairly new to Mac Paint Pots let me give you a quick run down, basically they are glass pots of cream eyeshadow that dry to a powder finish. They can be used as a base to give any shadow on top a little added kick or alone as a wash of colour. I find the more you use the more it creases and find them to work best with a good primer. When applied properly I easily get a good eight hours of solid wear.

Unlike some Paint Pots this has no glitter so it is soft to touch, has no gritty feel (less chance of it irritating your eyes and surrounding skin) and blends rather well. Like I said for the shadow to perform its best I really do recommend a primer before applying and if you want a solid block of colour let each layer dry properly and don't attempt to pack on one solid application of colour.

The odd thing about Rubenesque is that it shows up so differently on each skin tone, the darker you are the more it transforms into a golden tan shade which is still pretty but not really the reason I bought it. On my super fair friend it gleams a lovely peach shade yet on me it leans far more bronze.

Round Up - A golden peach cream eyeshadow with pink reflects, applies easily and well when applied correctly.

Best For - I find cream eyeshadows to work really well on my oily lids so I do recommend these for oily skin. Shade wise it is pretty universal and will suit the majority of people.

Availability - From all Mac counters and websites priced at £13.50

The Balm - Frat Boy Blush/Eyeshadow


I received this with my first ever Carmine box and couldn't wait to have a good ol' play around with it!

I love The Balm packaging it is always so colourful, kitsch (oh lord that reminds me I still have to swatch The Muppet palette...oops) and has a touch of old school Americana to it a little like Benefit of yesteryear. The Frat Boy packaging is no different it has a retro feel and a cute illustration on the front cover and co-ordinating protective sleeve. Inside has an American Football pitch and a generous sized mirror, pretty yet functional just what I like to see!

Okay I know The Balm are marketing this product as duo purpose meaning that you can use it on your eyes as well as your cheeks. The operative word being can in my opinion, yes it can be used but I'm guessing the majority of people like I would much prefer it as a blush shade.

Packaging aside the blush shade inside is just perfection, it is a warm slightly pink peach not all that dissimilar to Mac Melba but a little more pink based. The formula is soft and powdery so I have a feeling on darker skins this may turn ashy which is a shame but on the plus side the fall out is minimal.

The balm is known to be decently pigmented and I have to agree with this sweeping statement as the blush is fairly pigmented with little effort. It will easily show up on light to medium skin without any problems but once you reach the darker skin spectrum I have a feeling it may to light and ashy to be anything close to flattering.

I really like this blush and as my Mac Melba blush is in pan form and housed in a palette this is a much more travel option friendly option.

Did you get a Carmine box or do you already own this blush?

Round Up - A warm peach blush that is similar in tone to Mac Melba, well pigmented and has pretty packaging.

Best For - Light to Medium skin tones.

Availability - This is where I need your help, is there a reliable and affordable place to buy The Balm products in the U.K other than their website which will cost you a small fortune when it comes to importation taxes?

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