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Rubenesque is the polite way of saying fat, you can actually say "Oh mother you look so rubenesque today" and chances are you won't get a slap, if you do well you really shouldn't be calling your mother names in the first place!

This is my second ever paint pot, what can I say I'm a slow starter. The thing is the paint pot colours never really spoke to me instore (not that any make-up ever actually speaks to me but hopefully you catch my drift) and I always seemed to bypass them in favour of a new blush or lipstick.

A good friend of mine wore Mac Rubenesque on her lids a little while back and I just had to know what she wearing when she said "Just a dab of primer and a quick slick of Mac Rubenesque", I made a mental note of must buy Rubenesque and use the word slick more often!

Rubenesque is described by Mac as a golden peach with golden pearl which is right on the money however they failed to add that it does have a slight pink sheen reflect to it in certain lights. If like me you are fairly new to Mac Paint Pots let me give you a quick run down, basically they are glass pots of cream eyeshadow that dry to a powder finish. They can be used as a base to give any shadow on top a little added kick or alone as a wash of colour. I find the more you use the more it creases and find them to work best with a good primer. When applied properly I easily get a good eight hours of solid wear.

Unlike some Paint Pots this has no glitter so it is soft to touch, has no gritty feel (less chance of it irritating your eyes and surrounding skin) and blends rather well. Like I said for the shadow to perform its best I really do recommend a primer before applying and if you want a solid block of colour let each layer dry properly and don't attempt to pack on one solid application of colour.

The odd thing about Rubenesque is that it shows up so differently on each skin tone, the darker you are the more it transforms into a golden tan shade which is still pretty but not really the reason I bought it. On my super fair friend it gleams a lovely peach shade yet on me it leans far more bronze.

Round Up - A golden peach cream eyeshadow with pink reflects, applies easily and well when applied correctly.

Best For - I find cream eyeshadows to work really well on my oily lids so I do recommend these for oily skin. Shade wise it is pretty universal and will suit the majority of people.

Availability - From all Mac counters and websites priced at £13.50


  1. This looks gorgeous, everything I wanted Indianwood to be!xx

  2. This looks lovely. I am yet to try paint pots as I find everything creases on my eyelids, and primer potion/shadow insurance makes no difference. Beautiful colour. xx

  3. This looks really nice, the metallic sheen to it seems perfect to combine with that LBD at Christmas parties x

  4. Definitely need to try this, it looks stunning! xx

  5. Wow Rubenesque is lovely! I've also never had paintpots speak to me... I only have one, Bare Study, I love it. I've had it about 2 years though and its still not even nearly finish. They last forever! (Or what feels like it!)

  6. It looks amazing! great color! thanks for sharing!

  7. Such a pretty colour,really want to try a paint pot now.

  8. Rubenesque is my only Paint Pot, and I think it was a great choice! Love the colour, and I can also put eyeshadow on top of it and creat new colours!

  9. Looks gorgeous, I've also heard of these being used as a primer, so you are kind of getting 2 for 1 as well.

  10. Thanks so much - I have been umming and arring about these paint pots too and that was really helpful!!

    sj x

  11. I always loved this shade but never thought it would suit me but after this post i think it will!

    Ive read about these being used as a primer rather than with a primer but maybe only on non oily skin.

  12. Hi Adrienne, what primer do you reccommend? I have noooo idea where to start!

  13. This is gorgeous and has been added to my Xmas lust! X

  14. I picked this up over the summer and it is gorgeous, but I find it to be quite similar to the Benefit creaseless cream one in Sippin' and Dippin' (whatever it's called, I dunno) which I also have. :/ less pink maybe!


  15. Lovely item, one that I have had my eye on for a while. I only have one paint pot, and am still trying to figure out how to apply it properly- thanks for the tips!

  16. This is such a gorgeous colour and my favourite shade for lids. I've never tried any MAC paint pots but this one will definitely be on my christmas list! x

  17. @lauren- phew I nearly bought indian wood so gald I didnt in the end :) x

    @missmascara1983 - aww that really sucks, I wish I could recommend something for you but i'm imaging you have tried it all? x

    @rebecca- oh i never thought of that :) such a cool idea! x

    @amy- you really do :) x

    @lauren- I have to agree :) x

    @laiqah- that's blinking great :) i'm glad your hasn't dried out or anything! Gives me hope for mine haha! x

    @silvia- you are most welcome :) x

    @tamina- I hope you get to try one soon :) x

    @msbubu- yay :) I can't wait to try out an array of looks with it :) x

    @maxine- youve got to love a multitasking product :) x

    @catandthechoir- no problem at all :) let me know how you get on :) x

    @zoe- honestly give it a wee whirl it's so much prettier in person than I can possibly show :), oh yes you may be right but having greasy skin I can comment hahaha! x

    @lauren- hey :) if you are on a budget I find the elf one to be grand but if you have a some pennys to play with I really recommend UD primer potion :) x

    @lola- haha that's the best way to do it, get someone else to pay :P x

    @sarah- you are probably right :) I haven't tried that one to comment but now you've said it i'm sure I read that they are dupes of one and other :) x

  18. @krystal - no problem once you have it cracked you will get on with it so much better :) x

    @rocco- ah great :) I really hope santa brings you it! Its a lovely shade to begin with :) x

  19. Although I wear Bare Study far more, this is my ultimate favourite Paint Pot. Perfect, unique it!!

    T x

  20. Looks gorgeous. I've never tried a MAC paint pot but obviously heard so much about them. I've got some of the Estee Lauder Double Wear cream pots which are similar and they really last but I'm always on the lookout to try new products so will check this out. It's such a pretty colour.

  21. @Tabitha- I'm seriously thinking of picking up bare study as an everyday base I think you have given me the needed push ahah x

    @becca- yeah they are very similar indeed just they offer different shades and finishes :) if you like E.L double wear pots you'll defo like these :) x

    @D.sadie - isnt it just :) x

  22. This looks so pretty and the pictures really make me want to dunk my finger right into it (-is that weird?)
    Must buy this some time soon.

  23. I have this, it's so pretty, these pictures have inspired me to dig it out again x

  24. Aww. If it goes bronze on you it will DEFINITELY go bronze on me. Too bad :( I love peach shades.

  25. so so pretty! i'm just getting into cream eyeshadows & this looks so gorgeous! do you have a favorite paint pot??

  26. I had a sample of this! :) I wasn't a fan of the color, but loved the texture.

  27. wow! it's sooooo lovely, i need rubenesque :D i'm slow on the paint pots too, mac in general. there are a couple of must haves though and this one looks like it may be one

  28. i really want this colour its soo pretty!

  29. @chrissy- haha no I actually know what you mean haha x

    @summer- oh yay :) re-discovering a product is always good in my book :) x

    @eden- yep it will :( it's still nice bronze though just a little annoying :( x

    @floral make up blog - I only have two haha! But out of both this for sure my favourite :) x

    @vintage make-up- oh that is a shame :( but if you like the texture maybe pianterly is more you? x

    @socialitedreams- They are so easy to skip arent they? Oh yes this would look stunning on you! x

    @MrAJBx3- its lovely isn't it :) x

  30. Ahh, I'm so glad you decided to grab another paint pot :)
    I wish Rubenesque would work for me, but its far too orange on my skin!
    I so badly want MAC to add some more permanent shades in the paint pots, they're gorgeous and such a breeze to wear!
    Have you checked out Groundwork?
    Its a new recent purchase of mine, a gorgeous taupe color that has a satin finish, really great in the crease and all over the lid!

  31. I LOVE this paintpot, its my favourite one, and I always use to to bright up my 'less is more' make-up days, so pretty :).

  32. I love MAC Paint Pots but for some reason I've never even swatched this?! Definitely put this on my want-list now! xx

  33. Can you give me some advice about how to apply it, brush or fingertip, pat it on/sweep... I find it hard to apply over primer! :( Thank you!

    1. hello :) I wait until my primer has completely dried/settled then I buff it in using a large fluff brush, the key is to let each layer dry before applying the next...hope this helps :)

  34. OK I will try that; thanks for your advice! :)

  35. OK I will try that; thanks for your advice! :)


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