The Balm - Frat Boy Blush/Eyeshadow

27 October 2011

I received this with my first ever Carmine box and couldn't wait to have a good ol' play around with it!

I love The Balm packaging it is always so colourful, kitsch (oh lord that reminds me I still have to swatch The Muppet palette...oops) and has a touch of old school Americana to it a little like Benefit of yesteryear. The Frat Boy packaging is no different it has a retro feel and a cute illustration on the front cover and co-ordinating protective sleeve. Inside has an American Football pitch and a generous sized mirror, pretty yet functional just what I like to see!

Okay I know The Balm are marketing this product as duo purpose meaning that you can use it on your eyes as well as your cheeks. The operative word being can in my opinion, yes it can be used but I'm guessing the majority of people like I would much prefer it as a blush shade.

Packaging aside the blush shade inside is just perfection, it is a warm slightly pink peach not all that dissimilar to Mac Melba but a little more pink based. The formula is soft and powdery so I have a feeling on darker skins this may turn ashy which is a shame but on the plus side the fall out is minimal.

The balm is known to be decently pigmented and I have to agree with this sweeping statement as the blush is fairly pigmented with little effort. It will easily show up on light to medium skin without any problems but once you reach the darker skin spectrum I have a feeling it may to light and ashy to be anything close to flattering.

I really like this blush and as my Mac Melba blush is in pan form and housed in a palette this is a much more travel option friendly option.

Did you get a Carmine box or do you already own this blush?

Round Up - A warm peach blush that is similar in tone to Mac Melba, well pigmented and has pretty packaging.

Best For - Light to Medium skin tones.

Availability - This is where I need your help, is there a reliable and affordable place to buy The Balm products in the U.K other than their website which will cost you a small fortune when it comes to importation taxes?


  1. Such a gorgeous colour, wish The balm was more available in the uk though, i havent seen it anywhere!

  2. Ohh, just found it on! free shipping as well there!

  3. I tried it for the first time the other day - I like it but it's a lot more subtle on me than I thought it would be. I'm around an NC30 in MAC so maybe I'm too dark?xx

  4. @confessionsofamakeupaholic- ohh thank you :) I must check that out! :) x

    @zoe- yay that is a great deal! I'm going to have a look and see if they have any other shades? Thanks for the heads up :)x

    @stacey- oh that is odd? My swatches are done on the underside of my arm so maybe thats why? (the palest part of my body haha. For reference I'm an NC35/37 naturally so I would imagine it would be more pigmented on you than I? I hope you haven't got a bum one :( x

  5. I wish we got carmine boxes here! Always wanted to try theBalm :)

  6. Yup! Got the carmine box and love this blush :).

  7. love this, god I am always so easily won over by anything with such cute packaging xxx

  8. It looks amazing! thanks for sharing!

  9. the packaging is super cute! i've been wanting to try The Balm for a while now, i'm considering getting the Meet Matte palette, have you tried that one?

  10. I LOVE The Balm. The palettes I have from them are wonderful. Great review!

  11. Lovely colour and the packaging is cute! I always get so nervous when shipping products incase they get damaged!


  12. @vintage make-up - Oh :( don't you guys have th ebirch box and other versions? x

    @make-up meoww- well worth the box just for this alone wasn't it :) x

    @tiffyama- I have to agree :) such a pretty shade :) x

    @dibdabs- DITTO! haha x

    @silvia- thank you for taking the time to read my posts :) x

    @Ev- No it's one of the products I have been thinking about purchasing though :) hopefully you will get it and I can live vicariously through you haha! x

    @Frances - Thank you :) any products you recommend? x

    @laura - I know exactly what you mean, I have received terribly damaged products in the past which is more than annoying! Grr haha! x

  13. Well thanks to you, now I need this in my life LOL!

  14. this is nice color....

  15. I normally prefer a peach or apricot base to my blushes but this is really quite pretty. I have Melba and it's not pigmented enough for me, so this may be worth a shot.

  16. The pigmentation of the balm blushes is amazing


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