Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle Review

One thing I know is candles.

It's a weakness and an addiction, at any one time you can bet I have at least two candles flickering away, whilst I potter about and work from home - heck I've even been know to pack a travel candle or three when spending a large stretch in a foreign land (or y'know NYC because that's another weak spot of mine). They bring warmth, ambience, luxury and dare I say a smidgen of magic to any room and as long as I can afford to, I will forever be a hoarder of scented candles.

Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle Review

My first foray into the luxurious world of Diptyque perfumery was an impulse purchase of the ever raved about Diptyque Figuier Candle, around six or so years ago; back then it was all every beauty blogger worth their salt could talk about - and of course meticulously position in every photo that graced our social feeds. As it so happens, I'm not entirely a huge fan of Fig based fragrances and if I was to venture back in time, it wouldn't be my first choice but I was young and so desperately wanted to keep up with everyone else. A few years on and many depleted candles later, I like to think through much trial and effort, I have found the real star of the Diptyque show and oddly it is a scent that no-one ever seems to mention...seriously ever.

Have you heard of Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle? Probably not and it could be for a few reasons: one, it wasn't a hyped up launch (aka one that us blog-gy didn't really take to it) and b, it is an online exclusive meaning you do have to take a leap of faith, as there is no way to try it in person. For those who are slightly more fashion forward than myself, you may be familiar with Tomas Maier as the creative director of Bottega Veneta - as such you can expect a modern yet refined collaboration, which is exactly how I would describe this fresh and oh so Summer ready scent. Put it this way, it is so good, that I truly wish that it was available as a ready to wear personal fragrance.

Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle Review

In a nutshell Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle smells exactly how you'd imagine a sunny stroll on Miami beach to be: warm, slightly fruity thanks to the mix of cocktails and sun oil in the air, a light salty sea breeze, combined with delicate floral trails. In reality Miami smells like any other large beach town/city (help me I'm geographically challenged) but hey that's what imaginations are for. The official note listing is as follows: Jasmine & Iris, Lemon and Lime trees, salt from the sea and fresh cut grass - tell me that doesn't have you itching for a beach holiday and a little sand between your toes. If you are familiar with Lush Ocean Salt Body Scrub and in general a refreshing Mojito drink, then you can all but imagine how inviting this fragrance is: bright, refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to a sun soaked evening, be that home or abroad.

This is the Diptyque candle you have been missing your entire life.

Diptyque Tomas Maier Palm Beach Candle £46/190g exclusively variable via Diptyque online - link.