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We are vastly approaching the festive season and I know a lot of happy couples are looking forward to spending their lives together. If you are one of many readers hoping to propose this holiday season, then Gemvara can help to make an already special occasion all the more unforgettable.

Jewellery of any kind, let alone something as precious as an engagement ring - or wedding band for that matter - should be crafted to a high standard which of course Gemvara pride themselves on delivering time and time again, but what allows Gemvara to stand out from the crowd, is the fact that every piece they create is entirely customisable. Each design can be completely tweaked to your own specifications and design requirements; with a huge choice of 9 precious metals and no less than 29 natural gemstones to choose from, which extends to both male and female wedding jewellery you truly are spoilt for choice and creative inspiration. Now your ring can tell a story as well as making a show- stopping, timeless statement that will forever be a talking piece and object of joy.

I don't think I can think of anything more special than being able to bring your dream ring to life! Imagine all the possibilities and of course imagine being lucky enough to own and wear such creation, with such a glorious memory tied to it - undoubtedly Gemvara rings are something to be treasured forever due to their beauty, but the real magic is being able to say with pride that yes you did design that ring yourself!

Gemvara realise that choosing the perfect ring takes time and rightly so, this isn't something anyone should rush; as such they have a team of jewellery experts - each with a wide range of knowledge, ready to answer any questions you may have and of course guide you towards the perfect piece for your big moment and to ensure that any special occasion is only heightened and forever memorable.

For extra peace of mind - and of course affordability - Gemvara offer a payment plan on any of their spectacular pieces; you can divide the cost over two to three equal payments, interest free so all you have to worry about it creating your dream piece of jewellery. Isn't that a weight off your shoulders?

How you propose is of course entirely up to you - maybe with holidays approaching you will want to make it a family occasion and rope everyone into creating the perfect moment. Perhaps you dream of using lots of festive decor as a backdrop or theme? Or maybe the romance of the season has inspired you to plan something a little more intimate and personal - like hiding a jewellery box underneath the Christmas Tree, ready to surprise your loved one. However you decide to pop the question, a truly breathtaking and custom to your relationship Gemvara ring is the only real way to do it in style.

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Happy Holidays everyone, I hope the season is filled with joy!