A Fragrance For Every Fella

Fathers Day is just around the corner and although purchasing a fragrance for your loved one, may seem like a somewhat cop out, I personally think with a little careful consideration, it can quickly become a treasured yet practical gift for any occasion. If you struggle, selecting the perfect scent for any male within your life, I have a small but concise guide that should come in helpful, sooner or later...and worst case scenario, if said loved one doesn't appreciate your selection, you can wear it yourself for ultimate "cool girl" points - fragrance has no bounds, rules nor sexual preference.

I have a few "yet to fail me" guidelines, when purchasing anyone other than my self a fragrant gift of any calibre. A few quick questions, can easily steer you in the right direction and save you from wasting money or perhaps even more painful, those ever coveted Boots points.

1, What do they use fragrance for - if they squirrel away an expensive bottle of Tom Ford for black tie occasions and perhaps an ever hopeful Royal visit, chances are that they don't tend to wear fragrance on a daily basis and as such they will prefer a stronger, showstopping and dare I say luxe gift to treasure. Where as a gym bunny, may prefer something a little lighter, cost efficient and more suited to their lifestyle. Personal fragrance is a reflection of personality and if you ignore that element, you may find the gifting process a little more laborious than it needs to be.

2, If you have the tact and conversational ability, try to steer a conversation towards fragrance preferences and dislikes - one man or woman's signature scent, is another migraine waiting to happen. If you know them well enough, a stealth like route around said loved one's bathroom could produce all the answers (and maybe then some) you've been looking for - just don't judge them too scornfully should you find questionably dated cosmetics and bath products, we don't all have time to Spring clean, nearly as often as we would like.

3, Should the person in question know that you have plans to present them with a new cologne or perfume, make good use of any local fragrance counters and politely explain your predicament; most, if not all, will send you homewards, armed with samples to test out. Asked your loved one to narrow it down to a few favourite selections and that way you can still somewhat have the element of surprise, along with a ready made data base of future scented gift options. Clever.

As a side note, our sense of smell can become "tired" after a few testers, to reset and invigorate, try inhaling the fragrance of fresh coffee beans to keep "nasal fatigue"at bay.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the sporty man - Davidoff Cool Water for Men Eau de Toilette (£14.50/40ml)

Fresh, aquatic and utterly refreshing, the perfect choice to cool down with after a tough work out or simply to pair with a crisp white shirt. Impactful yet easy to wear, with zesty notes of orange, mint and coriander, coupled with soft, musky notes of lavender, neroli and rosemary. Davidoff Cool Water for Men Eau de Toilette is timeless and although aimed at those who lead an active lifestyle, the non-imposing notes make this the perfect choice for anyone just venturing into the world of fragrance, or perhaps those who want a fuss-free, everyday choice. Regardless of age, if your intended loved one is a huge fan of body sprays (think Lynx, Axe et al) this in my opinion is the next step up and a smidgen more refined.

A slightly, warmer and dare I say more expensive alternative to Cool Water for Men is Armani Acqua di Gio - this shares similar aquatic and citrus notes but has a more distinctive salty note paired with Indonesian patchouli for a warmer finish.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the classic gentleman - Aramis Black Eau de Toilette (£27/60ml)

Strong, punchy and instantly recognisable - this is for the man that doesn't require more than one fragrance but wants something that suits all occasions. Aramis Black Eau de Toilette is just that, fuss free and long wearing, with notes of juniper, woody accords, leather and uplifting grapefruit. Simple, affordable and pleasant - what more could you ask for?

For the younger yet equally eloquent male within your life, I would suggest Diesel Bad For Him, with a similar yet slightly more modern and playful twist of leather. Like the timeless jacket that has inspired this particular fragrance, this is a scent that wears well on just about everyone.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the fussy man - Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic (£39.95/50ml)

Not everyone enjoys fragrance for whatever reason but I have yet to find any man (or woman for that matter) who doesn't find the crisp notes of Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic to be pleasing. I would categorise it as clean, easy to wear and light in all aspects. With gentle notes of apple and ginger, coupled with a woody base, this is the quintessential crowd pleaser.

Another fragrance that makes great use of the cheery apple fruit is, Aventus Creed for me - this is an altogether more musky and dry fragrance with an avant garde twist but the green shot of apple is still present. 

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the cool dude - Marc Jacobs Splash in Rain (£38/100ml)

Life is all about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone and for that reason Marc Jacobs Splash in Rain, is my choice for the hip male in your life. Typically this range is favoured by women but the sleek lines of the bottle and the refreshing but decidedly aquatic notes of Marc Jacobs Rain are as at home on male skin as a female. 

If the ambiguity of the Marc Jacob splashes aren't quite suited to your needs (or perhaps the lack of official note composition is off putting), a similar, refreshing fragrance choice more geared towards male wearers is Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Discover Vulcano Eau de Toilette. Vulcano is as light as Marc Jacobs rain, yet slightly more punchy due to the uplifting and long wearing accents of Italian Lemon and aromatic lavender.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the younger male - Lacoste Bleu Eau de Lacoste (£24.95/50ml)

Admittedly the world of male, ready-to-wear fragrance can be a little stuffy and not truly aimed at those under 30 - my thoughts on this is another post completely - but for those looking for a great option before the weekend is over, may I suggest Lacoste Bleu Eau de Lacoste. The bottle is compact, youthful and perfect for popping into even the most compact gym/work/school bag. The fragrance itself is distinctive and dare I say achingly cool, without being overtly obvious; notes include Clary Sage and patchouli, along with unspecified water fruits which adds a little mystery.

Within a similar price point and age demographic, Hollister Guys Coastline Cologne is another fragrance that makes great use of the cleansing and altogether somewhat neglected note of Clary Sage.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the fragrance connoisseur - Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum (£155/50ml)

In my personal opinion, every fragrance collection deserves to have a bottle of Tom Ford Private Blend Eau de Parfum, front and centre. Which scent that may be, is of course entirely up to you but for the gentlemen out there, may I suggest Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum. This is a tall, sophisticated, refreshing drink of water in fragrance form that uplifts and rejuvenates, thanks to notes of lemon, orange, lavender and amber.

For a similar but more budget friendly hit of Neroli, I would also recommend trying L'Occitan Eau de Toilette for something a little tad more unusual and interesting; unlike most male aimed scents, this makes full use of several wonderful wild blooms and is unlike anything else of its kind.

A Fragrance For Every Fella

Rugged yet refined, Molton Brown Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette, is the great outdoors bottled and perfect for any gent who'd rather be outside at any given moment. Again, this is a fairly aquatic scent but thanks to the green accent of Cypress, it has an unexpected twist.  

If cypress is a note you can not get enough of, other recommendations which strongly focus on such note include the magnetic and intense Reiss Black Oudh Cologne and the earthen L'Occitaine Eau Des Baux Eau de Toilette.

A Fragrance For Every Fella
A Fragrance For Every Fella

For the more mature gentleman - Armani Code Profumo For Men (£66/60ml)

Forget dated scents like Old Spice and hone in on more refined yet punchy fragrances like Armani Code Profumo For Men. It is intense yet not overwhelming, and seems to tick many boxes for the man more stuck in his ways, with notes of tonka bean and amber, this is woody, mature and yet not stuffy.

Tonka bean (creamy, vanilla and almost almond like) is a great base for many sensual scents including Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Tonka for a purer hit and for something as equally creamy and yet rich and lavish at the same time I recommend trying Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille.

Much like fine wines (and dare I say cheese) there is a cologne, perfume and body splash for every person, sometimes you get lucky and find such scent with ease - other times it takes years of trial and error so don't feel too downtrodden if you don't quite strike gold this time around.