Alex Turnbull Love Hair Supplements

The older I become, the more precious I am about my hair; I have learnt along the way that as great as hair masks and other deep conditioning treatments may be, nutrition aka what you put inside your body is as important - if not more - for your overall hair health. You can line your shower with every lotion and potion but dry, brittle and generally unmanageable hair could be down to your diet.

It goes without saying that I am no expert on hair nor nutrition but having had my fair share of hair disasters in the past and as someone not exactly renowned for their healthy attitude to food, I was and am the perfect candidate to trial the Love Hair Supplements by award winning Hair Dresser Alexander Turnbull - who better to trust with your hair than someone with years of experience and accolades? You can read more about Alexander's career here should you wish - link.

As the name Love Hair Supplements suggests, this is a daily dietary supplement that will of course work best in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of water, this is not a cure all nor is it intended to be; rather the Love Hair Supplements help supply the nutrients needed to help promote and aid strong, healthy hair that may grow a little quicker than usual (thanks to Biotin B7). This might be an odd thing to state but it may be helpful none the less - the capsules are fairly small and in my experience easy to swallow, they don't have any after taste and although for best results you do need to take three a day, so far I can't say I have found this to be a problem.

Alex Turnbull Love Hair Supplements

For any vitamin based supplement to garner best results you do have to take a product like Love Hair Supplements as directed for at least three months, however you will more than likely notice a change in your hair with as little as four weeks. As someone with exceptionally dry hair that is coarse and frizzy, not to mention prone to excessive fall out, I was surprised to notice that after no less than 2 weeks my hair (especially the sections that have never been bleached) are softer to the touch and not as static which is more than promising. I will of course continue with the Love Hair Supplements over the next few months and report back but if you want to read more about other users experiences over on Amazon, some have even reported a boost in volume, especially in regards to hair loss.

I'll post an update with my progress in a few weeks but you can read more views and purchase the Love Hair Supplements here - link.
This is a sponsored feature, all opinions are my own and in the case of supplements not to be confused with professional health care advice and of course consult your doctor before consuming any food supplement or vitamin.