I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

Since being a teenager, I have pretty much wore the same type of make-up look: moderate coverage foundation (thanks to regular acne then adult acne), peachy hues of blush, the odd swipe of bronzer and more often than not, nude lipstick. Have I dabbled with other shades and looks? Most definitely but sooner or later, I fall back into my old habits like a comfortable old pair of pyjamas...well until lately.

I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

Seemingly overnight, my taste in make-up has changed - I no longer want to conceal my skin with heavy foundations (that's not to say I am abandoning them completely as I know my skin will act up sooner or later), rather I want to embrace the natural texture and tone of my complexion, and really only conceal where I need to. I've all but stopped using powder blushes and bronzers in favour of cream based products and where a once blinding highlight used to sit on my cheeks, I am more comfortable with a parred down hint of glimmer. I've also found myself stepping back from matte liquid lipsticks in favour of tinted lip balms and honestly I don't know who I am make-up wise anymore.

What is most bizarre and a little more difficult for myself - let alone you the reader to swallow - is that I am longer consumed with "needing" the latest releases from any brand, nor as easily swayed by 3 for 2 offers whilst out shopping. I'm slowly but surely only purchasing what I really need or want, and no longer concerned with playing "keep up with the blogger (or influencer if you prefer)". Much like I've outgrown fast fashion and have a small but well loved wardrobe, my make-up stash is somewhat going in that direction too. I only have one face, I truly have no need for over 100 nude lipsticks - we both wish I wish kidding.

I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

I would love to say my new attitude to make-up is liberating, and that I finally come into my own but rather I feel as confused as I did when I was 13, beginning to navigate the world of mascara, concealer and of course glitter - in the noughties you were a nobody if you didn't at least dabble with glitter eyeshadow. In my mind, a new phase was bound to happen sooner or later - or at least that is how I am trying to rationalise my sudden departure from nude lipstick and matte skin. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes; as a person you never stop growing or developing and as we age, our wardrobes change so why should our make-up bags be any different?

A quick trip down memory lane (and through the archives of this blog) suggests that my make-up taste hasn't been as stagnant as I like to suggest: I've grown out of rimming my entire - and small eyes with - black khol pencil, I've waved goodbye to purchasing just about any rumoured Kardashian favourite, I no longer contour with shimmery bronzer (I don't know what I was thinking either) and I've finally discovered that a little eyebrow maintenance really does make all the difference to my face. Looking back maybe this new direction isn't all that odd really and was a long time coming?

Unlike in the past where my make-up collection was minimal at best, I now have a huge, bursting at the seams stash of liquids, powders, blushes and all that it is in-between, that really needs whittled down. I have no problem letting go of unloved products but do hope that I don't change my mind, half way through my cull and decide that perhaps I have been a little too hasty in my decision to side step full coverage foundation? Who knows but for now, a more subdued approach to make-up is what seems my current best fit.

Are you in a similar position or do you find yourself outgrowing your beauty stash fairly often?