Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

Strap yourself in because this is a long one...

Yes it is Christmas Eve but if you are feeling particularly brave there is still a window of opportunity to pop outside and purchase a candle or two - or if you have a million other things to do before the big guy decked in red visits, you could bookmark this post and wait for your favourite scents to go on sale.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

Each year Diptyque launch at least three limited edition fragrances for the festive period and this year is no different:

Diptyque Epices et Delices Candle (red) - an ode to gingerbread with hints of honey and star anise, this will fill the room with a warm, rich, just-baked fragrance.

Diptyque Le Roi Sapin Candle (green) - a green, woody, cool, crisp and fresh scent that combines the notes of pine, fir balsam, and Artemisia to bring the outdoors, inside.

Diptyque Un Encens Etoile Candle (blue) - soft yet smoky, a soft fragrance of vanilla and incense, traditional yet not at all stuffy.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

After the success of Origins original Feel Good Candle, Origins are back with two more limited edition home fragrances proving that there is so much more to the brand than skin and body care:

Origins Feel Good Neroli and Lemongrass Candle - looking for a spring in your step? This is the candle for you; a beautiful, fresh and veering on fruity aroma that is strong on the lemongrass note and gentle on the neroli. This might have been launched with the Christmas and perhaps a dusting of snow in mind but I'll be saving it for the upcoming Spring.

Origins Feel Good Ginger, Bergamont and Clove Candle - admittedly this is not my favourite candle of the collection as I do feel the clove not overwhelms and dominates the fragrance but if you do enjoy a deep, earthen fragrances then you may want to try this out.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

The great thing about fig based home fragrances is that yes they tap into the festive season (think figgy pudding) yet they aren't overly seasonal so you can enjoy them, long after you've packed away the fairy lights and vowed to join the gym come January.

Diptyque Figuier Candle - essentially the fig candle everyone wants to own and for good reason, it is rich yet sweet; a great investment choice as one large Diptyque candle lasts for what seems like forever and a day.

Orla Kiely Fig Tree Candle - if you are a fan of sweet, fruity fragrances this would be my pick, this is super sweet and has an almost candied aroma. A great, bright set that will leave you - and anyone else in close proximity - feeling uplifted.

Mini Moderns Darjeeling Tea and Fig Candle - soft, mellow, with an almost masculine kick thanks to the unexpected note of Darjeeling Tea. A great spin on a classic fragrance, neatly presented in a beautiful glass jar.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

Sweet Treats
If ever there was a time to stock up on sweet, candy and cookie inspired home fragrances it is the festive season, the perfect fragrance to snuggle up with on the sofa with the spoils of your Christmas stocking.

Yankee Santa's Cookies Candle - super sweet and very vanilla based, if anyone is familiar with sugar cookies then this may spark a tinge of nostalgia each time this is burned. For me this reminds me of Autumn/Winter trips to Denny's for the festive and funnily enough sugar cookie based shakes. Bizarrely you can not find this online but rather in supermarkets within the U.K, a somewhat similar alternative is Yankee Christmas Cookie.

Woodwick Oatmeal Cookie Candle - perhaps you aren't looking for a full on sugar rush and yet you don't crave something typically festive nor spice based, for that I recommend Woodwick Oatmeal Cookie Candle. Yes it has a soft sweet, almost milky fragrance but the almost savoury oatmeal note gives this both balance and a little bite.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

At this time of the year, fruit based fragrances can often be overlooked in favour of more robust and green based fragrances but there is something enthralling and nostaligic about a citrus based candle, particularly if it happens to be tinged with an orange note or two - maybe it harks back to finding a tangerine at the bottom of your socking? If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, I two zesty yet festive fragrances you may want to check out:

Heir and Grace Mulled Oranges - the best of both worlds, fresh, zesty oranges couple with traditionally festive spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. A great almost boozy like fragrance that would be wonderful for burning when hosting a festive get-together.

La Montana Winter Orange Candle - bright, juicy but with a gentle and seasonally appropriate trail of spice, that makes it perfect for burning all Winter long. I imagine this is what Winter in a sunnier environment than Scotland smells like.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

If you can't embrace heavy, spice tinged scents during the festive period, when can you?

Crabtree & Evelyn Noel Botanical Candle - a huge candle that just screams "Christmas", not only is it visually stunning with sliced apple and cinnamon sticks peeking through the wax but this is such a huge candle this will last well into January. Notes of course include apple, cinnamon with hints of pine and spruce.

Zoella Gingerbread Village Candle - an almost true to life, freshly baked, gingerbread fragrance that has gentle notes of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and of course ginger. A great choice for the young and young at heart and truly a surprise instant hit within the Sunday household.

Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews
Christmas Candles 2016 Reviews

Non- Traditional
Who says you have to burn typically festive candles in the Winter? Not my for sure and if you are on the lookout for something a little less ordinary, then the below may just be what you have been looking for:

The English Soap Company Oriental Spice and Cherry Blossom - my wildcard pick but selected as it is so different from every candle listed. For those who enjoy the punch of spice but perhaps generally prefer floral fragrances this is the one for you; The English Soap Company Oriental Spice and Cherry Blossom features the softness of the delicate cherry blossom, combined with pink pepper for a warming yet altogether feminine scent that is perfect for the colder seasons.

Element Herbology Five Element Aromatherapy Earth Candle - perhaps you are looking for a candle to take into the New Year rather than a cinnamon tinged candle for the season of merriment. For starting a new year, and/or just a great general all year treat, I recommend Element Herbology Five Element Aromatherapy Earth Candle. This uplifting, zesty candle contains natural oils of Orange, Bergamot, Lemon and Lime, Geranium and Ginger laid upon on a base of Cedarwood and Patchouli - it settles and balances any room it graces and is perfect for any season.

Clarins Tonic Scented Candle - the very height of luxury, a three wick candle that has of course been fragranced with Clarins iconic Tonic eau de Parfum - a strong, aromatic and ultimately soothing scent. Think of it as a spa in glass.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Candle - I realise that this is apparently a tea based candle with hints of spice and vanilla, which don't get me wrong, sounds utterly delicious but in reality the scent is by far more menthol based and perfect for when sniffle season knocks. At the moment everything (including products already in the sale) on The Body Shop website is eligible for 40% off with the code 14672, as well as free delivery on any purchase over £10. No it won't be with you in time for the big day but it is the perfect excuse to stock up on any of your favourite products without having to leave the comfort of your home. As a side note, no the candle does not come presented in an Ikea dish - I foolishly dropped my candle and broke the plain glass holder in the process.

Whatever you choose to burn in the coming hours, I hope you have a lovely festive break.