Monday, November 21, 2016

The New Evening Handbag Essentials

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection

I'm an over-packer; it doesn't matter where I am going or who I am going with, you can all but bet I will have utterly useless items in my bag that will not be needed in this life time nor the next. I have no intentions of changing my ways but what I am championing is miniature hero products: dinky, easy to tote around essentials that you will actually find yourself routing around your bag for on a night on the tiles.

Yes at long last, a brand has realised that travel sized products are often just for that sole purpose and not exactly ideal for day-to-day use, or of course an evening of cocktails and perhaps regrettable texting (no? Just me). Well thanks to the new and utterly chic range of Savannah Miller x Bagsy products, a glamorous essential is only ever at the bottom of your bag should you need it. In its entirety there are six products to pick and choose from within the Savannah Miller x Bagsy collaboration but there are three that I personally think are worth investing - and of course worthy of stashing inside your fanciest clutch bag.

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Glamour Tease Hair Texture Spray £8/75ml - link
For all those flat haired moments (we've all been there), there is the Savannah Miller x Bagsy Glamour Tease Hair Texture Spray; this dry spray is not only beautifully fragranced (deep, floral and a little mysterious - a lot like me...or so I like to think) but it boasts both the qualities of dry shampoo and hairspray, all rolled into one. Not only will Savannah Miller x Bagsy Glamour Tease Hair Texture Spray tame stray hairs but it will add volume, and of course refresh your tresses in one quick spritz without any sticky residue. Forget going out hairstyles, this is the spray you want on your side for the morning after the night before.

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection
Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Vermilion Full Colour Lipstick £16 - link
A lot like a classic, well fitting, little black dress, a night out isn't quite the real deal without a slick of red lipstick - when I wear red lipstick I feel like I'm unleashing my alter ego into the world...but that could be the then consumed Tequila talking - it is the instant confidence booster that so many of us reach for and the quest for the perfect hue can seem all consuming. For those seeking out a slightly deeper than average, blue based and dare I say quintessential classic red, Savannah Miller x Bagsy Vermilion Full Colour Lipstick could be your perfect fit. Not only is the slightly vampy take on red flattering for most skin tones but the creamy texture and finish, makes both application and wear a comfortable affair - it won't smudge, smear nor highlight cracked or chapped lips. The only downside is that this is roughly the size and cost of a typical high-street (albeit high end brand - think MAC etc) which somewhat defeats the purpose of the Bagsy brand - i.e handbag sized and ready products. I don't think this will be an instant sell out but the shade, coverage and formulation are beautiful.

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection
Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection
Savannah Miller x Bagsy Collection

Savannah Miller x Bagsy Pitch Black Mascara £18 - link
I'm not going to bore you with a long winded review of a mascara that again is admittedly a little on the bulky side, rather I'm going to quickly explain why I'm a fan. Pure and simply, the brush is next to unbeatable - the soft, conical-almost-spoon-like shape, gently cups the eyelashes coating them in an inky black finish, all the while uplifting the lashes and opening the eye. If you have small and/or hooded eyes like I do, give this mascara a chance - it could well be the game changer you have been waiting for.

On a related but side note, what is the one product your evening handbag is never without?

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