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The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

Bath and Body Works is probably one of my favourite shops ever in the U.S, each time I visit I leave weighed down, with blue checked bags stuffed to the brim and a sense of satisfaction. If ever you get the chance to pop into a branch, I urge you to do so (and instagram the trip so I can look on in envy) but until then - or for those on the look out for a bargain - may I gently nudge you towards B&M? Yes really, B&M the discount shop you find in retail parks is surprisingly a mecca for candle buyers (and oddly great for Air Wick refills too) and the good news is that everything in-store is surprisingly cheap.

The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

At first glance you'd be forgiven for assuming that the B&M Essence candle range was indeed purchased in Bath and Body Works - I mean the packaging is almost identical: from the large glass containers, to the bright labels and even the finishing of the silver leaf embossed lid/candle snuffer - it all screams Bath and Body Works. Well they are not. The Essence candles are B&M's own label and they cost a mere £2.99 each and come in a wide variety of fragrances.

The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

I purchased two scents of the B&M Essence two wick candles as truthfully the options my store had was limited, and if I am entirely honest, not every scent is something I'd want to own - like all bargains, some elements are hint and miss. The two fragrances I can entirely recommend are: Essence Apple Orchard - a crisp, red apple and spice blend, that is not worlds away from the ever raved about Bath and Body Works Leaves scent; then there is Essence Marshmallow Fireside which is more smoky than sweet, if you like realistic fire/smoke fragrances then this is one I recommend. I do however urge you to scent test all the candles you aim to purchase in-store, as I have found that the fragrances can have discrepancies per candle; for instance some of the Marshmallow Fireside candles had more of a caramel tone than smoky/sweet fragrance. At £2.99 I can't complain but I do think it is something worth pointing out to avoid general disappointment.

The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

As the B&M Essence candles do feature two wicks they burn evenly and dare I say quickly, it does say on the label that they should burn for up to 25 hours per candle but I do think that may be a little doubtful - if I manage to achieve 18 hours of burning time from one candle, I will be happy.

The £3 Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

Much like the fragrances, the scent throw also varies: Apple Orchard quickly fills a room with sweet and spicy notes of Apple; Marshmallow Fireside is a little more gentle and as such not as rich nor powerful. That's not to say I don't enjoy it, I just find it better suited to a smaller room rather than relying on it to fill my entire home with a sweet and smoky aroma.

Basically I am urging you to go to B&M grab a few of their £3 candles and enjoy, because I think you'll be hard pushed to find this level of quality, for such a low price elsewhere.

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