What Beauty Bloggers Really Buy from eBay

Admit it, we all love eBay - I mean how can you not? A quick punch of a few key words and bam, instantly the item of your dreams flashes up on screen, and more than likely at a slashed retail price too but what do beauty bloggers truly buy?

I can tell you one thing we certainly are not buying - counterfeit make-up. I mean really, why do sellers think this is okay? Not only is it entirely illegal but completely dangerous too as there is of course no control or testing of ingredients, so you have no real idea what you are applying to your skin. My rule of thumb in regards to eBay is if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is...that or it is a counterfeit. Fun fact - or not really because dangerous beauty products aren't all that fun - Benefit is the most replicated brand within such markets; the Naked palettes are the individual products that are duplicated the most. Basically when it comes to beauty products only buy from trusted vendors, it is as simple as that.

So now we know what we don't purchase - or at least willingly- what about the products that we do?

What Beauty Bloggers Really Buy from eBay

1, Nail polish - in my opinion there is no better place to pick up both limited edition or high end polishes without a premium price tag. I also use it to purchase Sinful Color Nail Polishes which seem to all but have disappeared from the UK - well other than the Kylie Jenner shades?

For China Glaze I recommend this seller, for OPI this seller, for Sinful Colors this seller and for Essie this seller.

2, Korean beauty products - If I feature a Korean beauty product, nine times out of ten it was purchased via eBay and most likely from the seller F2plus1; not only is such store super affordable but my products always arrive in record time and without custom charges. I should also mention that they stock just about every Korean beauty brand and product you can imagine too.

3, Sheet masks - Admittedly this is a somewhat follow on from above but I do have a few other go-to eBay stores for sheet masks: for Missha I use this store, for Holika Holika here, for My Beauty Diary here and for individual Tony Moly masks here.

4, Make-Up Brushes - As much as I enjoy branded brushes, I do think there is a need for cheap and cheerful brushes especially for travel, or those just trying to find out what best works for their needs. There are plenty of budget friendly options available on eBay but I personally recommend this fairly expansive array of brushes - 10 tools for less than £4 -link. For those looking to try brushes similar to the 'Artis' tools but don't want to fork out close to £300 for a set, this nifty rose gold set looks to be a great alternative.

What Beauty Bloggers Really Buy from eBay

5, Novelty beauty products - We've all seen the fancy brush cleansing mitts (find a 99p dupe here) but decided they were more novelty than practical, and as such decided not to splash out on one. For this very reason and of course many other less-than-needed beauty products eBay is the place to head to. I also would say that if you don't mind paying a little more than average, then you can also find Bath and Body Works products on eBay such as candles and hand sanitizer.

I of course can't speak for the entire beauty community so do feel free to pass on any sellers or must try products below. There must be other hidden gems that I have missed?