5 Things I Hate About the Beauty World

This isn't a mud-slinging, name tarnishing, let it all hang out kinda post - I'm not about that life - rather, this is me airing my grievances with more than one brand and/or company. This is both a list and a rant about things that so many make up brands are guilty of and yet it is somewhat accepted as the norm.

5 Things I Hate About the Beauty World

1, Products purposively forever being out of stock - I said I wouldn't name and shame but it is well known that Kylie Jenner is Queen of this tactic, and on the most part it does work out well but my gosh is it annoying. I fully understand the premise; by constantly selling out of said product it creates hype and frenzy ensuring that any stock she does release instantly sells but given Kylie Jenner has young girls hanging on her every word, is it really necessary? As a woman in her twenties (and most likely not her target audience) even I would purchase one of her ever sold out lip kits, if they weren't y'know, forever out of stock. I and many others don't have the patience to forever wait for a shade to come back in stock and as such most likely will never purchase from brands who deem this to be a great idea.

As a side note I should add that this is not in any way aimed at indie cosmetic brands, more often than not an indie brand is headed by an individual and there are only so many hours in a day - I totally get it. What "big" cosmetic companies could learn from the indie beauty world is the concept of pre-orders; I know Hourglass and Space.NK do this frequently and it is pretty successful.

2, Sold out/limited edition products selling for absurd amounts on eBay - I see this as a direct off shot of the above problem, if someone wants something badly enough they will shill out mega bucks to own it. It's the make-up equivalent of ticket scalpers and it annoys me more than it should; I know it is not my money at the end of the day but I hate seeing people fleeced. It also irks me when people purchase multiples of a high demand product just to mark them up and sell them on, sure it technically isn't illegal (heck some might see it as business savvy) but is just downright frustrating for those who have stalked their local counter, refreshed websites for hours and generally been patient just to miss out to someone who swooped in and purchased the lot.

5 Things I Hate About the Beauty World

3, Lack of face product shades - Yes I am extremely lucky in that I have a light to medium complexion with a yellow undertone, thus meaning that I can walk into any beauty retailer and find a suitable foundation/concealer/powder match. However this is not the case for many others, there is a distinct lack of super light and more noticeably deep shades for people of colour, particularly on the UK high street, it seems it is a concept lost on what most would deem "Drug Store" companies. Personally I don't see how brands can claim to be inclusive until they remedy this and I feel for some - if not most - beauty brands this should be a matter of urgency.

4, Inconsistency in formulations - Have you ever purchased a lipstick, eyeshadow or blush by a brand, fell deeply in love, popped back in-store bought a few other shades because seemingly it seemed a fool-proof idea, only to take them home and found it out to be a dud? Yeah same. There's also the fact that occasionally brands will re-formulate a product without warning and you'll only notice mid application or wear. Not cool...not cool at all.

5, The U.S versus the rest of the world - Once again I know that I am extremely fortunate in that I frequently get to visit the U.S.A, and as such I have noticed that cosmetically we are worlds apart. In the U.S more often than not there is by far a more expansive range of not only foundation shades but make-up in general. I really do not understand how or why, patrons of the UK only receive a handful of shades in regards to a new launch...well that is, if said product actually hits Britain at all.

What irks you about the beauty world?
What do you think really needs to be addressed?