Tuesday, September 27, 2016

So You Want to Smell Like Gigi Hadid?

Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette Review

Like 99.9% of the general population I have a girl crush on Gigi Hadid - she truly is beautiful not to mention pretty kick ass too. I've made peace with the fact my straggly, blonde brows will never rival hers and that I'm more tempted by a grab bag of Malteasers than the gym, and as such my supermodel body is indefinitely on hold. I can however be lazy and somewhat smell like Gigi Hadid thanks to the launch of Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette, to which she is both the face and muse of.

If the bottle design Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette looks familiar, it is because it is a somewhat updated version of the original Tommy Girl from back in the day. Apparently Tommy Girl was originally launched 20 years ago back in 1996 and instead of re-launching such scent, Tommy Hilfiger created a brand new fragrance altogether with Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette - complete with a new "IT" girl of course.

Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette Review

So yes the shape of the bottle is identical to the aforementioned Tommy Girl, as are the accents of red, white and navy (very nautical and Americana) but The Girl has been decorated with a large anchor. Why? Apparently Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette, has been blended to invoke memories of mild and perhaps sunny days spent by the sea; think a rugged landscape with clashing waves, the scent of the salty water and a little lush greenery. This is not your typical sun-drenched, let's go to the beach fragrance, rather this has what I imagine (imagine being the key word here as I've never been) to be a Hamptons cool vibe.

If you like green, fresh, floral scents that border on aquatic, you will most likely enjoy Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette. It is soft, uplifting, very easy to wear and generally inoffensive (by that I mean it won't overwhelm co-workers etc) with notes of pear, violet leaf, jasmine and cedarwood. I can't say I fully agree but others have said that Tommy Hilfiger The Girl is not worlds apart from Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne.

So does wearing this at least make me a long lost cousin of Gigi Hadid thrice removed? Nope not even close but man do I smell good.

Tommy Hilfiger The Girl Eau de Toilette £18-£35 via The Perfume Shop - link.
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