Jo Malone Merry Mischief Christmas Collection 2016

It's late September and I'm already uttering the "C" word - Christmas, of course. Now I fully understand that not everyone celebrates, nor looks forward to the festive period for whatever reason but you don't have to like such time of the year to enjoy the Jo Malone Merry Mischief collection. If anything, this could be the festive line up that makes the winter season and inevitable cold weather a little more bearable.

I've been a long time fan of Jo Malone festivities but I think the Merry Mischief might be my favourite limited edition packaging in a while, if not ever. The Merry Mischief packaging is inspired by the Harlequin pantomime and borrows not only the iconic graphic print, but also the classic colour scheme of gold, black, white and tiny accents of red. On the most part, the striking print is featured on the outer packing (i.e the gift boxes) but the signature Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne, and for the first time in the longest while - the Jo Malone Christmas Cracker is decked out in the geometric print too. It really is striking and in my opinion, cleverly unisex; sometimes in the past I do feel Jo Malone appeal more to their female clientele - which arguably is their core audience - than catering to any male fans. Well not this time around. I don't think there is anyone - male or female - who wouldn't dream of opening one of the Merry Mischief launches come December.

Jo Malone Merry Mischief Christmas Collection 2016

But enough about the packaging, that's not what you came here for, you want to learn what is new for the festive period. Well for the first time ever, Jo Malone will be launching a signature and limited edition cologne - Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne (£90). Now typically speaking I am not a fan of orange or citrus fragrances but this is very different. The Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne does of course contain a note of orange (juicy and sweet) but it is coupled with mandarin (fresh and mellow) - a double dose of citrus, that is easy to wear, refreshing and oddly festive. Adding a little warmth and dare I say Christmas Cheer is a hint of prune, this adds a little spice, depth and prevents this fragrance from being too overtly orange. I also find the addition of sandalwood and amber brings not only all the warmth you would associate with the season of goodwill, but again allows for an entirely unisex experience.

As you may have expected Orange Bitters is also the scent that fragrances the beautifully presented Christmas Candle. Admittedly at £120 it doesn't come cheap but it does offer 120 hours of burn time, and as the candle is encased within a ceramic jar complete with its very own lid - thus meaning that once you have burnt the last of the wax you have a pretty keep safe jar.

The quintessential Jo Malone winter collection of Pine and Eucalyptus scented goodies also make their annual return; from a large deluxe candle, to a room spray and even a room diffuser, your entire home can smell like an alpine forest should you wish (and boy do I wish).

Along with all of the above there is no less than eight gift sets to choose from - one of which contains a bottle of bubble bath, which as you may know is something that Jo Malone does not traditionally offer. There is also a miniature candle collection that contains a Frosted Cherry and Clove votive. This is along with two tree ornaments: one is a scented ceramic disc that can be re-used for years to come, and the other is a traditional bauble with mini Jo Malone products hidden inside.

I can't wait - especially for Jo Malone Orange Bitters cologne and the good news is that the collection should be online this coming October and in-store by early November.

Now all you have to do is drop a few hints to your loved ones...I know I will be.