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Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa Beauty Box

Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review

- This post contains sponsored content - Korean beauty (or K-Beauty for short) is big, big news within the beauty world but where do you even start with such new to the western world, skin technology? Sure sheet masks are easy to find on eBay et al but what brands are best and what other exciting new products should we try? Or perhaps you are entirely fascinated by Korean culture on the whole and would love to try more general products be it food or lifestyle products from such country? This is where Inspire Me Korea comes in; an entirely affordable monthly subscription Culture box that is curated to share a selection of Korean products: food, beauty, culture merchandise etc. and a taste of Korean culture delivered right to your doorstep - with a different theme each month! This month, Inspire Me Korea launched their Beauty Box, a separate one off box which is exclusively in collaboration with Whamisa (a K-beauty brand that has recently launched within the UK and Europe), containing just Korean beauty and skincare products - both of which are great value for money.

As most will know I am a little obsessed with Korean beauty products, so I all but jumped at the chance to sample the Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box out for myself. Inside this months box is three full sized and dare I say luxurious Whamisa beauty products, along with a whole abundance of generously sized product samples - a great introduction to Korean beauty products or if already hooked, an affordable method to top up your sheet mask and facial mist collection. It is also a brilliant way to try out the lesser known beauty brand Whamisa - which if research is to be believed it is one of the more prestigious Korean beauty brands out there.

Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review
Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review

Inside the box there are two sheet masks but they are sheet masks with a difference - forget the small, flimsy sheets that we are all used to, these thick and luxurious sheet masks are as close to spa treatment in a packet as you will ever find, and at approximately £7 per mask they do not come cheap. First up we have the skin firming, soothing and anti-wrinkle Whamisa Organic Seeds and Rice Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask - a thick gel mask that instantly hydrates, calms and plumps the skin in as little as 20 minutes and as an added bonus all ingredients are 100% natural and 95% organic. For those who love something a little more unusual, and dare I say novelty but again with skin boosting properties, there is the Whamisa Green Essence Lifting Real Kelp Sheet. As the name suggests this is a mask constructed out of kelp and although not the prettiest of sheet masks in appearance, this is great for soothing and to some degree detoxing the skin; again this mask is loaded with 100% natural ingredients, of which 90.3% are organic.

Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review
Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review

Along with the two masks the real selling point of the Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box is the Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist (80ml) which retails at £24 - basically as the box costs £24.99 this is the equivalent of purchasing said mist and receiving the other beauty items for nothing! As you can most likely see, the Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist contains two real olive leafs inside and is best used to gently hydrate the skin when needed. I personally find it to be extra soothing after a long day but there is no reason you can't apply this on top or underneath make-up - the mist is so fine that it will not disturb any other product on your face. Much like all Whamisa products this is also 100% natural and massively organic - the perfect mist for any skin type, including easily irritated complexions.

Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review
Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box Review

As earlier mentioned there is also a handful of mini samples included four sachets and a dinky little bottle of Whamisa Organic Lotion Double Rich Lotion which has quickly become my luxurious and go-to hand cream but it suitable for the face too. The beauty of having an array of samples is that there is zero commitment, you get to try new products, gain a feel from the brand and then decide which - if any - you'll purchase at full size.

I cannot recommend the Inspire Me Korea Beauty Box enough, you can purchase it here for £24.99 (which includes free postage) - link, use the code THESUNDAYGIRL at checkout and you will receive £1.50 off your box.

I also have the code IMK10 for 10% off all Whamisa, which can only be used on Whamisa UK site - link.

or you can subscribe for the Inspire Me Korea Culture Box monthly subscription here - link.
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