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Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer Review

Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer Review

Have you ever beautifully styled your hair, went to bed and awoken to what best resembles a bird's nest and wondering why you as much as bother to brush your mane before hitting the hay? Or perhaps you have naturally thick-come-coarse hair, that has a tendency to turn to frizz at the slightest hint of humidity and is generally difficult to tame? Whatever your hair styling woe I'm all but sure, Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer can lend a helping hand in taming your tresses.

Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer Review

The idea behind Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer is of course that you apply to the mid section and ends of the hair before styling with heat; it offers heat protection of up to 230˚, and aims to reduce how long you spend blow drying your hair. As with many products, with continued use hair may be left as much as three times stronger and shinier - and the good news it is easy to apply: one or two pumps, gently dispense throughout damp hair and style as normal. The style of packaging - especially the easy to use and precision perfect pump - really adds to the experience, it all but takes the guess work out of how much product you should apply and all with minimal mess too.

Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer Review

All of the above is great - especially when it comes to dealing with a heavy hair dryer, long hair and a lack of patience, but for me the real selling point of Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer, is the fact that it truly is pillow proof. This creamy, lotion-come-balm really does lock in any hair style, preserving it all night long - even if you happen to be a restless sleeper. As someone with long, quick to tangle and prone to frizz hair, I was dubious that this primer could lock in a sleek, straightened style without some degree of static and knots. I was wrong. Dead wrong. After 8 hours of sleep and countless bouts of tossing and turning, I awoke to a little bed-head but after running a brush through my hair, the sleek, glossy blow-dry I spent a good hour on returned. There was no frizz, no tangling and no lack of sheen, just a perfectly safeguarded style that was ready for the day ahead.

Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer Review

When it comes to application, I recommend approaching with a less is more attitude when using Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer; if you do apply a little to much you may find that this primer leaves the hair sticky and a perhaps overly matte. Typically I apply a large coin size blob to the palm of my hands, rub together and then gently dispense throughout the ends and mid-section of my hair. I should however mention that I have butt length, coarse and of course thick hair, so this amount won't work for everyone. If you do try out Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer and find it weighs your hair down, don't give up on the primer, rather reduce how much you apply dramatically and prepare to never want to style your hair without it ever again.

Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer £12.75/150ml via Look Fantastic - link.

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