Friday, August 19, 2016

The White Company Products You Need for Your Shower

The White Company Spa Collection Review

The next time you happen to browse or stumble into The White Company, make sure while adding a candle and new linens to your basket, that you stop by the new and rather chic The White Company Spa products. From bath oils, rich moisturisers, scrubs and all that is in-between, if you can dream it The White Company offer it and coupled with spa like quality and fragrances, creating your own little oasis in the space of your own bathroom.

As to be expected the entire range of spa products launched by The White Company are more than beautifully presented - think simple, clean packaging that is modern and of course more often than not transparent and white. This is a bathroom range for grown-ups and a collective that you will not only enjoy using but one, that you will display with pride.

The White Company Spa Collection Review
The White Company Spa Collection Review

Due to a self tanning habit, a body scrub is all but a necessity to keep my skin both smooth and of course ready for a fresh slick of paint so to speak. When it comes to scrubs, I am pretty particular: it must be gritty enough to remove all traces of dead, dull and dry skin, yet not overly so - an abrasive, irritating body polish is the last thing I want. Admittedly at £20 The White Company Spa Restore Skin Brightening Body Scrub does not come cheap but it is effective, well presented and loaded with skin softening ingredients which sometimes - and I do say sometimes - you may struggle to source on a budget.

The White Company Spa Restore Skin Brightening Body Scrub has a buttery soft base (coconut and jojoba oils) that melts onto the skin and instantly feels hydrating; couple this with the natural grit of olive-stone and you have one pretty wonderful body exfoliator. I should also add that due to a blend of neroli, geranium and eucalyptus oils this not only invigorates and awakens the senses but leaves the skin feeling tingly cool too.

The White Company Spa Collection Review

For those who struggle to sleep be it due to restlessness or constant travel, then you may want to check out The White Company Spa Relax Sleep Well Pulse Point Oil. This dinky little, roll on treatment helps to soothe, calm and relax using the power of aromatherapy; as it is so little, it can neatly be popped into the smallest of travel bags, ready for when you need it.

To use, simply roll and dab onto the pulse points and gently inhale, the delightful blend of calming lavender, cooling clary sage and soothing peppermint, all of which fuse together to create a refreshing yet almost sleepy blend. I can't vouch that this rocked me to sleep but I do find it helps to calm frayed nerves - especially when flying, or double up as a light fragrance-come-pick-me-up oil.

Luxurious doesn't even begin to cover The White Company Spa collection, try it and prepare to feel pampered.

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