Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When Primer Meets SPF

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer Review

I'm greasy (okay, oily) and love sunscreen (I realise this is a weird thing to enjoy but what you going to do about it?), so when I spotted Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer, I knew I couldn't leave the store without it; visions of perfectly primed yet protected skin were too much for me to pass up on. Admittedly the addition of sunscreen to beauty products such as foundation and primer is nothing new but very seldom is it of such a high factor, nor as affordable as the Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer.

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer Review

Okay so there's not really all that much I can say about the packaging of the Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer, it's basic but basic in a good way (no not Starbucks coffee); the no-frills, plastic casing can take a beating, the in-built pump dispenses just enough product each and every time, free from leaks and spills, and lastly the white and yellow colour scheme hints at this being a skincare-come-sun product...well kinda, don't let your imagination go to waste.

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer Review

Before I become too excited, I must stress that the Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer is not an alternative to a standalone facial SPF, rather this has been created to work alongside such product and should be applied after your chosen targeted sun screen. Basically by utilising Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer daily you are of course creating a little insurance for any make-up product applied on to but also adding another layer of UV protection. After a few nights searching high and low on Google, I am none the wiser if this protects against both forms of UV rays; I sincerely hope that it does but I can't be sure and as such urge you to view this as a primer with an add on function, rather than a substitute for SPF.

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer Review

After a week of use, which I fully appreciate is not intensive in the grand scheme of things but in my experience long enough for me to gauge if I like a product, and of course if I would recommend it to others. The answer is yes, this exceeds all my expectations; on the skin this is lighter than light, oil-absorbing and yet not at all drying, coupled with a sweet vanilla scent that shouldn't irritate the complexion. Yes, the light and loose liquid of this primer is tinted yellow but I  can assure you that this does not translate onto the skin. As you would imagine - and perhaps expect - this does lock any liquid, powder or cream products firmly in place (in my instance up to 10 hours in a warm climate) without altering the finish of said items, offering a little oil control too, and of course with the added bonus of a little SPF protection too. If ever a primer was made for the Summer months it is this.

Kiko City Filter Sunscreen SPF 50 Primer £12.90/30ml via Kiko - link.

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