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REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot Review

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot Review

As someone who suffers from broken sleep and hay-fever (pollen allergies for my non-UK based readers) the season of Summer is not my friend - especially in regards to my eye area. Irritated skin, puffiness, dark circles and then some, is how I would best describe my current under eye situation. Sure I can - and often do - apply a heavy duty concealer and offer up a prayer or two but can you really bet a soothing eye gel? The answer is no, especially when your skin is all but shriveled dry and beyond uncomfortable. You could head to your local beauty store and search high and low for the perfect solution, or you could allow me to do the ground work for you and take my suggestion of REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot on board.

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot Review

Typically (and I do say typically) eye gels tend to cool and soothe the skin but offer no real skin care benefits, most are deemed a quick fix and only really relied upon when instant refreshment is needed. Yes REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot does just that - the icy cold gel base is quite the treat especially when the pollen count is high, or perhaps when you've had less than the golden 8 hours of sleep. Being a gel based product REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot is quickly absorbed by the skin making it ideal for all ages and of course the perfect solution for puffy eyes.

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot Review

As I mentioned of all of the above is pretty much the norm for any gel based eye cream, what sets REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot aside from the rest is the fact that this eye product also brightens (goodbye dark circles - well after around two weeks of use), lifts, nourishes and contains anti-ageing benefits. I mean really can you ask for much more?

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot Review

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot contains some pretty interesting ingredients and skin care technology: Glycine Betaine complex which is extracted from Tuberose Active Shells to improves the eye contour area - think less puffy and smoother skin; Hyaluronans from Yeast Biofermentation, which means nothing to me on paper but it is the property that has been included to quickly firm, lift and smooth out any lines, a.k.a the anti-age-r and lastly, Phycocolloids from Microalga, to plump and keep skin hydrated and comfortable - I also find it helps to control any irritation.

Basically if you have tired, puffy and/or uncomfortable eyes and want a product that not only works but will protect and moisturise the eye area, REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot should be your next purchase. Now that I own it and have of course trialed it, I can't imagine surviving the Summer without it.

REN Instant Brightening Eye Shot £30/15ml via John Lewis - link.

It's been a while since I've dipped into REN products, but to this day, the REN Glycolactic Acid Mask remains a favourite. You can read more here.
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