Friday, June 24, 2016

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Every now and then a new fragrance will drop and leave me completely besotted, currently and perhaps unexpectedly Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum has a frim grip upon my heartstrings. Jasper Conran is not a brand I am overly familiar with  - fragrance or otherwise - but if you are looking for a new, fresh and clean scent that you will not detect on every second person on the highstreet this is one you won't want to to miss.

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Despite being utterly affordable, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is beautifully presented in a large crystal effect bottle, accented with soft touches of powder pink - in some ways it reminds me of the stylings of Chloe fragrances, albeit in a larger form? Basically this is not a bottle you'd be ashamed to display on your beautifully curated dressing table - then again I do own and use the 1D perfume so really what do I know?

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

As mentioned, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is a soft, gentle and clean floral fragrance with a subtle fruity kick - notes include Orris, combined with subtle Amber and sensual Musk is layered over Gardenia, crisp Magnolia and luscious Orange Blossom. Although there is no mention of an apple note, Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum does somewhat remind me of the original DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum - the main difference is that Nude is lighter, less "fruity" and ever so slightly more floral based but overall they are pretty similar. I would also add that in my experience that Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum wears a little better on my skin than the aforementioned apple based scent which is never a bad thing, now is it?

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum

Lurking in the background of my photos is a beautiful, soft nude cosmetic bag by Jasper Conran - a bag so pretty that you probably would happily hand over your hard earned cash to own. Well Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum is the gift that keeps on giving - should you purchase the 100ml bottle of  Jasper Conran Nude via Debenhams you will receive the coordinating nude cosmetic bag for free!

Jasper Conran Nude Eau de Parfum £20-£30 (40ml/100m) via Debenhams - link.

Another unexpected fragrance find of 2016 comes via The Body Shop and again won't break the bank, you can read more here.

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