Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Two Week Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Instant Effects: Instant Lash; all thoughts, views, opinions and end results are my own.

Patience is not my strong point, especially where beauty products are concerned - I want results almost instantly. As someone with fine, straight lashes I do find myself trialling lash growth serums fairly regularly but do give up as quickly as I begin as they require so much time and effort. If this sounds all too familiar you may want to invest in a tube of Instant Effects: Instant Lash - as the name suggest this does of course offer immediate results but with continued use this can all but permanently improve the look and condition of your eyelashes. With only two weeks needed to really reap the benefits, I was more than eager to embark on a two week challenge with Instant Effects: Instant Lash.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

Instant Effects: Instant Lash is a clear, serum that you apply to the lashes as you would a typical mascara, it does not tint the lashes and acts as the perfect base coat should you wish to apply mascara once it has dried. You can apply this before you go to sleep as an intensive treatment or as mentioned, before make-up the choice really is yours and you will see results as long as you apply it daily. Personally I do both, if I'm wearing mascara I will slick it on before hand as I find that not only does Instant Effects: Instant Lash adds additional length and volume (20% extra volume in just two minutes) to my lashes without every turning crispy or flaky but it somewhat prevents my mascara from smudging too. If I'm having a no make-up day, I'll reserve Instant Effects: Instant Lash for a night of Netflix binging.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

I do quickly want to mention the style of brush which let's face it can make or break a mascara let alone a lash serum - the large, flexible, soft yet plastic based wand-come-comb gently yet effectively coats every lash with ease ensuring an even application each and every time. I also find that the style of the applicator means you never apply too much or too little product.

Instant Effects: Instant Lash Challenge

As a beauty regular, I'll be entirely honest in saying that I wasn't overly optimistic by the promises of Instant Effects: Instant Lash: up to 40% additional volume and 20% addition length in two weeks if, and I must stress this - applied everyday for two weeks. I can't say that I have personally experience all that much in terms of growth but then again my eyelashes are really long but the additional volume, thickness and great condition of my lashes has blew me away. I find that since beginning my trial, my lashes are by far less prone to shedding and don't feel nor look as flimsy, not to mention they now have a slight curl. I am hooked.

I can also pleasantly report that Instant Effects: Instant Lash will not irritate the eyes nor skin, is scent free and generally a joy to use. I am now in the midst of ordering my second tube and doubt I'll turn back.

Instant and then continuous results, can you really ask for more from a lash serum?

You can purchase your own tube of Instant Effects: Instant Lash here for £19.99  - link.

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