CK One Summer 2016

What is it about Summer fragrances that allow them to be so wonderfully irresistible and why, oh why do they nearly always have to be limited edition? Tell me what else with a quick application transports you to an exotic location, with not a care in the world - not much, that's what but if you need to escape to your own tropical island for a moment or two, may I suggest CK One Summer 2016.

For the last few years I have relied upon the unisex tones CK One Summer to make the season of sun that little more special. Each year the notes of CK One Summer are tweaked ever so slightly to create a familiar yet different scent composition - the end result is always a cool, crisp, slightly fruity yet aquatic scent that smells great on just about everyone. If a slight note change is not enough, the bottles are also rather collectable - this years packaging features bright splashes of bright green and blue, with palm leaf motives; it couldn't be more suited to a tropical location or daydream if it tried and I can't help but think this will look great on my beauty shelf too.

CK One Summer 2016

The packaging, as pretty as it may be is not what you came here for, you want to know what CK One Summer 2016 smells like and if you should part with your hard earned cash. The answer is yes you should splurge and in my opinion this reminds me of warm, clear blue seas with a hint of mint (maybe a cocktail) and a light trail of coconut - all the best parts of Summer rolled neatly into one package. Hardly surprising as the note composition features: green apple, lime mojito, green ginger, guava, coconut milk and moss - if you inhale deeply enough you can almost taste the crushed ice and fruit juice...well maybe not, but you'll be hard pushed to find anything nearly as refreshing within the fragrance world at the moment.

CK One Summer 2016 is a light, crisp scent that lingers on the skin and yet never turns sickly sweet nor headache inducing at the first sign of heat. If you enjoy gentle, fresh and wholly aquatic fragrances, make sure you try CK One Summer 2016 - just don't blame me if you find yourself promptly booking a beach getaway afterwards. Cuba anyone?

CK One Summer 2016 £33/100ml via Debenhams - link.