Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge Week 2

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A week ago, I embarked on a challenge with Aveeno to overhaul not only my body care routine but also my eating and exercise habits. I promised I'd check in with an update, detailing my experiences and to a slight extent struggles, so here goes...

The good news is I feel like the Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge has given me a new found confidence that should I want to make changes, I can and that I do deep down have the willpower to stick to a new routine. I have also discovered new foods (and recipes) that I had previously wrote off due to being a fussy eater and have began to enjoy gentle exercise. The biggest change is that of my skin, after months of being wrapped up under several layers and all but neglected, daily moisturisation using Aveeno products has revitalised my skin.

Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge Week 2

Lets begin with the skincare challenge shall we? Aveeno encouraged me to moisturise and wash daily using only Aveeno products. It of course goes without saying that washing daily is not a problem, nor something I ever skip so replacing my usual shower gel for Aveeno Body Wash, if anything it is the sensible choice for eczema prone skin such as my own. Aveeno Body Wash is of course infused with active oat essence to gently nourish and soothe dry and sensitive skin, not to mention it is soap, alcohol and paraben free. I'm not normally one to write about a shower gel, let alone rave but if you purchase one new Aveeno product let it be this. It gently washes away all of the day's impurities without stripping the skin or aggravating skin problems such as eczema. I have been converted.

I wish I could say I found daily moisturising as easy but I did find that once I got into the habit of reaching for either Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion or Aveeno Moisturising Oil, it became so much easier. I found that by storing my Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion beside my towels in the bathroom I was reminded to quickly slick on a layer after my morning shower. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is a light and again oat infused formulation that is both gentle and effective. It quickly hydrates the skin, leaves behind no traces of product residue and absorbs at a record pace. It is also gentle enough for all the family which I can't say for many products.

To get accustomed to moisturising my body and limbs in the evening, I stashed my bottle of Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil on my bedside table and haven't looked back since. This is probably my favourite Aveeno product ever, a sweet almond oil and oatmeal infused cream-come-oil that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin with next to no effort. If you like the comfort and deep moisture qualities of an oil but not so much the application nor dry down time, this is the product for you - it absorbs in next to no time and leaves the skin touchably soft from the first application.

After just a week of day and night moisturising my skin has never been softer, seeing the quick results has only spurred me on to ensure that this is a life long habit.

Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge Week 2
Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge Week 2
Aveeno Inside and Oat Challenge Week 2

As someone who is fussy and all about convenience, I was worried that I would fail miserably following the Aveeno Inside and Oat recipes created by Honestly Healthy founder, Natasha Corrett. In my opinion healthy eating is as important as skincare, if not more so - what you eat reflects from the inside out (hence the name of the challenge) and can also effect how you feel mentally. I approached the suggested alkaline menu with an open mind and surprisingly found three recipes that I really enjoyed cooking - all with an added little twist because I can't get enough of pumpkin seeds at the moment!

First up I tried adding grated apple and cashew butte to organic porridge oats with almond milk and have to say it was really filling and surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not a huge fan of porridge in general but found that the nutty additions made what can often be a bland breakfast, that little more moreish - the crush and zest of apple was also enjoyable. You can of course top your porridge with other fruit to switch things up.

I also tried poached eggs and asparagus with pumpkin seeds, sadly I have discovered that I'm not a fan of asparagus but I promise I did give it a good go. What I will take away from this serving suggestion is to sprinkle a little pumpkin seeds over eggs for extra bite and flavour.

Lastly I creamed some avocado with coconut oil and tahini, spread on oat cakes and again was a little too liberal with the pumpkin seeds - it makes the perfect afternoon snack and as we all know avocados are great for the skin too. I tended to nibble on the avocado butter and oat cakes after following the Aveeno cardio exercises and stretches - a great way to ease into going back to the gym, and wonderful for natural glowing skin too.

So what have I learned in a week? Little changes here and there can really be beneficial and of course lead to huge results. I will be moisturising my entire body daily as I have no excuse not to, and in the future I will be more open to trying new foods (pumpkin seeds for the win). A successful week wouldn't you agree?

You can find out more about Aveeno products and the #AveenoInsideandOat challenge by heading over to the AVEENO® UK and Ireland Facebook page.

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