Friday, April 22, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 10th Anniversary Edition

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 10th Anniversary Edition Eau de Parfum

Apparently it has been ten long years since Sarah Jessica Parker dipped - what I'm assuming will be a well manicured toe - into the world of fragrance. Admittedly back then I was a little too young to really know who SJP was let alone covet her signature scent, but worry not the original Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum has been re-packaged and re-launched, to celebrate what is inarguably a huge milestone within the fragrance world.

We really can't go any further without discussing the utterly beautiful bottle that has been rolled out to mark the Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum 10th Anniversary. A stunning yet difficult to photograph let alone convey with words, chrome rose pink bottle that has been capped by a delicate golden, almost jewel like lid - you wouldn't expect anything less now would you. It has a certain romance that wouldn't put it out of place on Carrie's dressing table, nor any of the Sex and the City ladies for that matter. As an added extra each bottle features a print of Sarah Jessica Parker's signature - a sweet, almost personal touch, wouldn't you agree?

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 10th Anniversary Edition Eau de Parfum

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum is best described as a refined yet clean and daringly seductive floral, it manages what other celebrity fragrances neglect - to be forever timeless, mass appealing and ageless; I guess you don't win two industry fragrance awards by being bland? If ever there was a fragrance to take you from AM to PM and yet perfectly suit both moods and environments, it is Lovely. A trail of floral notes such as Lavender, Orchid, Patchouli and White Amber, create a delicate yet romantic floral fusion, but coupled with Mandarin and Bergamont it never becomes stuffy or dare I say it "too grown up". To add a little depth Lovely features notes of Salt, Musk and Cedar, rounded off with an unexpected kick of Apple Martini - of course. It is soft, warm and wears well on every skin and age for that matter.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum is undoubtedly one of the best celebrity fragrances I have experienced, it oozes all the class and complexity of a high end fragrance house. If you have yet to try this out for yourself, I suggest you pop along to your local fragrance counter and inhale deeply - it truly does live up to the Lovely moniker.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 10th Anniversary Edition Eau de Parfum £49/100ml - link.

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  1. Oh it's so pretty! I used to buy all the SJP parfums, but thought they aren't sold anymore.

  2. Lovely is my mum's favourite perfume and her birthday is coming up soon. I know what I'll be getting her now! xo

  3. I love SJP!!!! I'm picking up this gem again!! I used it years ago...

    Mel |

  4. Wow!just seing the bottle and the packaging, I d love to have this perfume..
    thanks for the lovely post!


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