Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Salt Spray to Borrow from the Boys

Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray

We are very nearly approaching Summer (hurrah), which means one thing as far as hair goes - texture and lots of it. Sure you could pack up and spend six long weeks at the beach, nursing sun burn, dodging jelly fish, sandcastles and the temptation of fish and chips -  as appealing as that may (or maybe not), I have found a beach-y solution in a bottle. A nifty, instantly gratifying hair product, that you will find in the grooming aisle - sorry boys this is a product you are going to have to share with us; or perhaps we can all agree that beauty products don't really need gender labels and should be used and loved by all? Share, don't share, just make sure you try Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray.

Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray

Sometimes I bore myself with constant chit-chat about packaging but sometimes it can be the make or break factor; the added little extra that makes a good product great and a great product special - or of course it could go completely in the opposite direction. When it comes to spray-on hair care products, my only real requirement is that the nozzle doesn't drench my hair (less is often more), and that it is not prone to clogging ('cause ain't nobody got time for that) - if it looks great, well that is just an added bonus. The Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray manages the almost impossible: it looks slick, in a professional sense and has an excellent, targeted dispenser nozzle that will not leave you soaked through. I often find with male specfic hair products the mist, or flow of product is by far finer as most brands assume males have shorter hair - a fun and perhaps not all that surprising tid-bit for you.

Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray

Every brand and their mother has released a salt spray, so what really sets aside Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray? Unlike other salt sprays, this has been infused with Pea Peptide which adds volume to the hair - all without any stiffness nor sticky texture, and more importantly it doesn't dry the hair out. If you have fine hair that is easily overwhelmed or weighed down, this is the volumising spray you have been waiting for. As an added bonus it also contains System-PPX™, an active thickening complex - again ideal for fine hair textures. Much like any salt spray, if applied to damp hair that has a little length and left to dry naturally, this will create soft waves or enhance and define any curl pattern you may have; on short hair this will add natural looking volume. If like myself you have fairly soft hair, that is difficult to braid this is your new secret weapon - before braiding, mist throughout the hair and set to work - Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray will add a little extra grit to hair making it easier to style and of course prolonging the life of the braid. The real magic is that you could use this daily for as long as you wish, free from selling your home to afford endless vats of deep conditioner to repair and quench your dried out locks.

Think of Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray as the gentle, wave inducing yet thickening-come-volumising mist that Summer hair is made of.

Mr Jamie Stevens Salt Spray £10/150ml - link.

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  1. I love going to the beach ! I'm quite lucky though, as I don't really burn. This sounds nice though, seeing as I can't go to the beach very often ! Great idea x

  2. This sounds so good! I love salt sprays in the spring and summer! x

  3. I have to admit this is pretty awesome ive used it a few times and the volume i get from it is amazing! i always use it when blow drying

  4. Looks fantastic!
    Love the photos!
    Nice post!
    Wish you a fab sunday!

  5. I really want to try these out seems Jaime is from my home-town but I don't need anymore texture added to my hair. I do think it is a little pricy for a salt spray though. But I can see that the thickening formula would be really good for thin-haired people.

    Tom x


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