Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A New Carmex Edition to Collect

Carmex Limited Edition Leopard Print Edition Lip Balm

I'm almost positive that we have all at least tried Carmex at least once? Perhaps you are a life-long loyal fan or maybe, the medicated balm has somewhat been forgotten about and you need a little nudge towards the iconic yellow pot? Either way, in the coming weeks the dinky little metal tin will undergo a make-over, a funky leopard print face lift no less.

Carmex Limited Edition Leopard Print Edition Lip Balm

As you can see, the latest edition of the Carmex lip balm features a cute and almost cartoon like leopard print design, set off against the classic yellow branding of Carmex - cute and dare I say a little more attractive than the traditional Carmex packaging. Sorry not sorry.

Carmex Limited Edition Leopard Print Edition Lip Balm

I can happily state that the Carmex formula within the new Carmex Limited Edition Leopard Print Lip Balm adorned tin, remains the same: medicated, moisturising and a quick to heal formulation. If you are new to Carmex and have been lured in by the leopard print design, let me elaborate a little further. Carmex is one of the best selling lip balms in the world and has been around since 1937. The balm itself is thick and almost waxy, yet it does quickly soft with the heat of the fingertips. When applied to the lips it is light and slightly cooling yet tingly thanks to the menthol ingredient, it immediately takes the sting out of chapped lips and offers a quick dose of hydration. It's cult for a reason - because it works, is entirely affordable and available globally.

The Carmex Limited Edition Leopard Print Lip Balm, will launch this coming April (2016) and will retail for £2.60.
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  1. Leopard print Carmex, awesome :)

    Sophie x

  2. ooo I love this! I need to get one! How cute x

  3. I'm definitely going to grab one when it's released. I love the packaging and just Carmex balms in general x

    Wonky Lauren

  4. In love with the packaging! You can't beat a bit of leopard print!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  5. I LOVE Carmex and I use it every single day. My only complaint is that here in Canada, we don't get all the special edition packaging that the UK gets. We also don't have the different flavours that you do (i.e. Strawberry). Whenever I visit London, I always stock up on the different varieties of Carmex - does that make me sound lame? Haha!

  6. I love this!!!! I'm obsessed with leopard print so I'll definitely have to get myself a tin or two of this. Carmex is brilliant, too, it works so well for me :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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