Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jo Malone Herb Garden Cologne Collection 2016

Jo Malone Herb Garden Cologne Collection 2016

Think of this as a first look post as I will be purchasing the other three fragrances within the Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection, come launch day this coming March. I of course will be producing a full review of the range, so until then...

A few days ago I was kindly shown all five scents from the Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection and quite honestly, there and then I fell in love with the concept and of course fragrance range. There is something quintessentially British and charming about herbal gardens, much like the Jo Malone brand itself - the marriage of the two couldn't be more perfect and I dare anyone to try this line up and not fall in love. Fresh, green and childhood memory educing, Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection is all I will be wearing this coming Spring.

Jo Malone Herb Garden Cologne Collection 2016

Before I share a few notes on the new Jo Malone Colognes can we please focus our attention on the beautiful packaging. A colourful first for Jo Malone, the all green, glass bottles range in tone reflecting the intensity of the fragrance held inside. If that is not delightful enough, each bottle is embossed with an illustration of a herb featured within the fragrance on the back of each bottle. I seriously can't get enough and at the risk of sounding like a broken record (I probably type a similar sentence with each Jo Malone launch, I can't help t they forever impress me), this may be my favourite cologne launch to date.

Jo Malone Herb Garden Cologne Collection 2016

I was kindly gifted two of the new Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection: Jo Malone Nasturtium and Clover, and Jo Malone Carrot Blossom and Fennel. One is more green than the other, fresher if you will and like the recent fallen dew on a Spring morning; the other is sweet and almost candied in scent - I truly would be hard pushed to pick a favourite. Jo Malone Nasturtium and Clover Cologne, the clean and very green scent contains notes of peppery Rocket, Lemon, Nasturtium Blossom and a hint of Jasmine. This a great, everyday and very much unisex scent and my pick for those enjoy green floral fragrances. If like myself you tend to gravitate towards sweet, almost candy tinged scents, then I fully recommend Jo Malone Carrot Blossom and Fennel. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced and pretty quirky due to the carrot note, which surprisingly is the source of sweetness. It also contains hints of fennel, rose and Orange Blossom to add a little additional depth and general zest.

The other three colognes within this collection are: Jo Malone Sorrel & Lemon Thyme (bright and very citrus based), Jo Malone Wild Strawberry & Parsley (herbal and a little mossy) and lastly Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander (punchy and very much a Lavender based scent).

I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with at least one of the Jo Malone Herb Garden colognes, and the good news is that you have until March to decide which appeals to you most. If like myself you plan on collecting all five, perhaps even better news is the fact that this time around the collection will only be available in 30ml bottles, retailing at £44 each.

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  1. These sound divine! I've only recently discovered Jo Malone fragrances but I have fallen head over heals for them! They are just completely different to anything else on the market! I will be sure to give these a spritz when they hit the shelves - thanks for the heads up!

    Katrina |

  2. Ooo they sound lovely. Something so different about the Jo Malone fragrances! Still haven't bought myself one but might just need to now :)


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