A Blog Post Idea for Everyday in February

Everybody knows January is only a test month, the real hard work and grit takes place in February...right, right? Please someone agree with me as my low carb diet, I swore to undertake come the strike of midnight has failed miserably (two for one pizza deals may literally be the death of me) and I've yet to set foot in the gym. Woe is me. Let's forget my currently too tight gym wear issue and concentrate on another area of my life I aim to self improve. Blogging.

If you have promised yourself that you will firmly get your blog back on track throughout the next 11 months (I can't believe we are a month down already), let me help you with 29 (leap year) post ideas. Yep that is a post a day for the entire month of February or of course a selection of prompts to pick and choose from.

1, The one beauty product you can not live without and why.
2, Branching on from this, why not share your desert island beauty picks.
3, Your skin care journey - what you used to do/use and what you now do/use.
4, Your beauty journey - the same as above but replace skin care with beauty items.
5, The five products you'd recommend to a friend and why.
6, Your Winter skin care essentials - you could also use this for the other three seasons.
7, Your Winter must have beauty bag additions.
8, Beauty habits you plan on shaking in 2016.
9, Your favourite beauty tips and hacks.
10, The hair care products you couldn't be without and why.
11, The beauty trends and products you plan on exploring in the coming months.
12, Beauty trends you've never fully grasped - I can't draw on flicked eye liner for the life of me.
13, Your favourite beauty instagram accounts, you could also do Twitter/Blogs/Youtube accounts.
14, What you'd spend your last £20 on in terms of beauty products.
15, The fragrance you always come back to and why.
16, Your everyday products.
17, Your beauty travel essentials.
18, What products you use to create a relaxing night at home.
19, Your top blogging tips and tricks - you could do a follow up post on photography.
20, Who is your biggest source of beauty inspiration and why.
21, Your worst beauty habit/s - biting your nails, picking split ends etc.
22, Your favourite beauty brand and why.
23, Two oldies but goodies: monthly favourites and monthly misses.
24, Your budget beauty essentials.
25, Lesser known but great products everyone should try.
26, Products you are patiently waiting on launching.
27, An "if money was no object" wish list.
28, Shop your stash and share what you find.
29, Share the love, why not compose a list of the best blog posts you've read in January?

I hope that the above list is helpful in some form and don't in any way feel pressured to blog everyday, as I said my set of prompts are just for inspiration and can be used whenever, wherever and certainly don't need to be formed in any particular order.

Here's to a great February.