Yankee Berry Trifle Candle

We are a family of traditions, corny but I really do think they make any holiday special and I hope one day, I will get to pass on said traditions to any future generations (it probably goes without saying I don't have children yet). For instance for as long as I can recall, we do not decorate the tree until 12 days before Christmas, we also don't really begin watching festive movies until the 12th and have set days for certain films (every Christmas morning we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation). Being a somewhat fragrance fiend I have slowly convinced my family that we need...yes need certain candles each year.

As of 2012 (I think), we have burned Yankee Christmas Eve all day and night on the 24th. It really is a magical scent - perfect for creating a little extra ambience on what is already a special day. If you are struggling with festive candles in general (goodness knows there are countless options out there), this is a great starting point: warm, slightly fruity with candied notes.

Yankee Berry Trifle Candle

So we have Christmas Eve sorted but what about the main event? The day we spend the majority of December (and in my case November) preparing for, yes of course I am referring to the 25th! Sure we could go down the traditional, cinnamon and general spice route but in honour of my family's favourite dessert, we have settled on Yankee Berry Trifle. Sure trifle is a little dated but it does feature on our annual Christmas menu, year in, year out and I oddly look forward to it.

Nostalgic value aside, Yankee Berry Trifle is the perfect, Winter suit all scent. It is bright and cheery, fruity (red berries) yet creamy (vanilla cream), fun yet traditional and for that reason alone, I know that no-one if my family will complain about the scent while opening gifts on the 25th.

Now all I need to do is hope that Yankee won't retire this fragrance so it can evolve into a tradition, if not I'm sure I'll find something equally as scrumptious. Until then I suggest you try out Yankee Berry Trifle for yourself.

Yankee Berry Trifle range £1.49 - £17.59 via Yankee Candle - link.