To Try in 2016
Well I'm not coming for you in 2016, I'm pretty sure there are laws against that, rather I have a fairly sizeable list of products I am determined to purchase in 2016. Hey nothing like a little self indulgence to get us through the festive period...

I very much doubt that matte liquid lipstick will be going anywhere in 2016, if anything I imagine that we well see the emergence of new brands. As exciting as that prospect may be I am still determined to purchase at least one of the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. At the moment I am swaying between the shades Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin, both of which are deep-ish nudes. If you have tried either please feel free to advise or nudge me. You can find Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks in the UK via Cocktail Cosmetics - link. 

At the moment I have found myself reading just about every Make Up Geek review going, seriously I am obsessed. Normally I would order a few shades and tell myself it is justified as I beauty blog for a living. Well this time around I am going to be more patient and continue to research to ensure that I only purchase blushes and eyeshadows that I will use daily. As a side note I am pleasantly surprised at just how affordable Make Up Geek cosmetics are in the UK; you can find both the blushes and eyeshadows via Beauty Bay - link.

Another brand I've been reading up on and eager to try out is Dose Cosmetics. I think once again I would like to try out the liquid lipsticks but may also have to add a regular Dose Cosmects lipstick to my bag - the shades are just so pretty not to. If you have tried either do let me know what shades you'd recommend. You can find Dose Cosmetics via Beauty Bay - link.

I'm guilty of watching a lot of Youtube videos and writing list, upon list of product to try. One brand that crops up time and time again as a must try is Make Up Store, affordable but not that easily found in the UK - well Scotland at least. The good news is that a fairly extensive line up of their products are now available online via Beauty Bay - link, the real problem is deciding where to start? I have my pen and paper ready for any suggestions.

Yes, yes I said rather vehemently that I would be avoiding the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits...well I've had a somewhat change of heart. I don't think I will be able to hold out much longer and imagine it won't be long before I purchase all three...all in the sake of beauty research of course.

Two brands I am determined to delve a little deeper into in 2016 is Charlotte Tilbury, namely the Matte Revolution lipsticks and the Cheek to Chic Blushes - again feel free to add your suggestions within the comments.

I also plan on adding to my modest Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer collection, my aim is to build a classic collection of shades so that I never need to purchase (or look) at another nail polish again. A lofty dream but one can only try.

What beauty brands or items are you looking forward to trying in the New Year?