Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nail Polish Just Became Personal

Nails Inc Styled by You Nail Polishes

First you could dress your nails with every colour imaginable, now you can bespoke your own nail polish bottles too - rather unfortunately my initials spell out the name Al...

Nails Inc Styled by You Nail Polishes

Nails Inc, forever the pioneer of the nail world have allowed nail polish to be all the more personal by introducing custom nail caps. Forget boring silver caps (a little harsh as Nails Inc silver polish lids are pretty darn luxurious), and shell out a few extra pounds for lids that feature diamanté accents, your initials or even a precious message. Sure a bottle of nail lacquer isn't for life but if you happen to have a staple, fail safe shade that you wear religiously, why not make your bottle a little more special?

Nails Inc Styled by You Nail Polishes
Nails Inc Styled by You Nail Polishes

If personalisation is your jam (a lifetime of not being able to find my name of key rings has left me a little sore), Nails Inc Style By You is the concept you have been waiting for. Simply choose your favourite polish from 56 shades and then select a bespoke cap from 6 options: three engraving options - including the choice of an initial or a quick with love or happy birthday message; there is also three beautiful crystal adorned caps to choose from. If that is not enough you can also add a few cute stickers to personalise the gift box too.

Now you have the gift for the person who quite literally has it all, or of course a mid-week pick me up for yourself - the one for you, one for me rule totally applies to festive gift shopping.

You can shop all of the 56 shades and six Nails Inc Styled by You caps here - link.

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  1. Oh this is really cool! Would make a great gift :)

  2. Such a cute idea, keyrings etc never had my name on so I love monogrammed items!
    ♥ Fran - xx

  3. This is SUCH a cool idea! I wish I found out about it sooner to maybe use it a stocking filler for friends!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  4. Haha wow, I would have never thought of personalizing a nail polish :) The things people come up with. But yeah, I kinda like it. Wouldn't make a bad gift.

  5. Love this! But sadly, just checked at the letter 'S' is not available :(


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