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Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago

Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago

Do you recall the first time you ever applied make-up? I'm not talking about the short lived dalliances with the contents of your mother's make-up bag (I used to line my lips with my Mother's khol pencil), but your first real, grown up effort. The first time you gave blending a go and perhaps your first flirtation with liner?

I do and let me tell you it was not a path tread all that smoothly. There was (and still is) many mishaps mostly with overly orange foundation and crudely blended eyeshadow; much like anything practise makes perfect and if you have a helpful friend, relative or co-worker, the whole process becomes so much easier, which leads me to today's post.

I want to know what the best pieces of beauty advice you have received are, the beauty secrets or tips you'd let 15/16 year old you in on - y'know the little tid bits of advice that changed how you look at cosmetics forever.

I've mentioned it several times now (one more time for those at the back) but the quick and easy trick of applying dry shampoo to my hair before bed, really has revolutionised my hair care game. By doing so, not only is every trace of the often ashy, powder based residue gone by the morning, as is the excess grease and any lingering reminders of city life, but I awaken to more volume than I could ever need. I now have no need for a teasing comb - good times, not to mention less hair breakage.

Another "don't knock it until you've tried it" tip, is using sticky tape or a bank card to apply liquid liner. Simply attach or line up in the case of the card to the outer eye, use the edge to mark in a perfectly angled, sharp flicks and fill in. Simple. I'm more than certain there will be several tutorials putting this very "hack" into action. The only problem I have found is that by using tape it can remove your foundation so I do tend to use an old bank card.

A friend with beyond perfect eyebrows told me to take a few steps away from the mirror when filling in my brows. Why? Well rather observantly, she noted that very few people see you truly up close and personal; by standing back you will more accurately see what others notice and perhaps be a little less self critical? I'm still at that less than wonderful stage of taming my brows but I did think it was a great mantra none the less.

My pointers may not be ground breaking but I do wish I had them in my arsenal in my teen years, life may just have been a little easier. Much like a game of pass the parcel, I'm asking you to share one (or a few) beauty tips that you would like to bestow upon other beauty lovers. Hey we are in this together, one un-blended eyeshadow at a time...

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  1. 1 - go to the loo before doing your nails.
    2 - wipe your nails with nail polish remover before you start to do your nails, to remove any oils.
    3 - apply a light covering of oil when you've completed your nails, that way things that would normally snag are more likely to just slide right over them and it makes you alot less pathetic while you're waiting for them to dry completely

    :-) great post

  2. 1. Put your eye cream on before your other moisturisers or facial oils. It never occurred to me that the other stuff creates a barrier and stops the eye cream working it's lovely magic. I've seriously noticed the difference since I started doing this!
    2. The dry shampoo before bed thing is a godsend.

  3. Curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara!

    alice x // beautybyalicee

  4. I'm pretty horrible at liquid liner, so should probably do the tape trick!

  5. The dry shampoo before bed is the best trick ever :D I absolutely love it! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  6. When I was at secondary school, a girl told me never to pluck above your eyebrows - only the bit below. This stayed with me, and I've always been complimented on the shape of my brows - I always stick to her rule.

  7. Such a great posts! The dry shampoo trick is the best!

  8. The tape trick has saved me so many accidents, it's such a gem. Not tried the dry shampoo one but I'm keen to give that a go for ALL THE VOLUME.

    Mine would be - STEP AWAY FROM THE SPOT TREATMENTS. As in the freederm and the ones specifically marketed at teens because oh god they only made my skin worse and a battlefield for yeaaaars afterwards.

    and 2 would be: sudacrem fixes all ills. even acne. Get a tub. ;D

    Fii | little miss fii

  9. I'm definitely trying the dry shampoo before bed trick!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  10. That standing a few paces away from the mirror is a GREAT tip. My best tips would be:

    1. Don't over pluck brows
    2. Put a mirror under your chin and look down when applying false lashes
    3. Use coconut oil as a hair mask for very dry/frizzy hair. It's the only oil with molecules small enough to penetrate the hair strand

    The Beauty Locker

  11. Fab post! I definitely need to try the dry shampoo before bed trick :) xx

  12. My tip would be go to get skin matched with a MUA, the lighting sucks in drug stores, and it has taken me years to figure out the right foundation for me, if only I had realised this at age 14, I would have saved myself looking like a tangerine!

  13. AMAZING tips, love the tips of standing back from the mirror when doing brows and dry shampoo BEFORE bed. Genius!

    Sophie x

  14. ERM, why have I only just heard of this dry shampoo before bed business!?! I think you may have just changed my life.

    My biggest learning curve has been to apply my eye make up before my base. Yep, I was always like - NO WAY, that's weird, but seriously, it saves ruining your foundation from smudging, fallout etc. I've never looked back.

    Also, discovering a Kabuki brush to apply foundation. Fingers... what were we thinking?!?

    Great post girl!

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  15. 1. putting shadow on first, prevents any fallout and messed up concealer
    2. get dressed after putting on makeup. because pyjamas can take a foundation drip better than any pair of jeans
    3. rubbing alcohol is better than any polish remover when it comes to prepping the nail surface- trust!
    4. apply moisturizer as soon as possible after a shower

    This was fantastic!! Love reading all the comments. xx madeline,

  16. I've never thought of using a bank card when I run out of tape for my eyeliner and eyeshadow thanks for the recommendation!

  17. Great post! I never tried the dry shampoo before bed, but will be trying tonight! Mine would be:

    1. Wear your retainer--your teeth will move back
    2. The right way to wear eyeshadow if you have hooded eyes
    3. applying a base before eyeshadow to make shadow last and make the colors more pigmented

  18. I've found some awesome tips in the comments here!
    I think the biggest beauty tip for me (and one I struggle with) is the old faithful.. just get some sleep!
    Always prep the skin properly with a good moisturizer and really work it into the skin.
    Get an acrylic nail brush from a beauty supply store and when you've finished your polish application, dip the brush in nail polish remover and perfect the cuticles. Looks like you've had a manicure immediately!

  19. Does the dry shampoo trick work with dry shampoo for brunettes? I'm worried it may leave lots of brown residue on the pillow.
    I had a flashback to a couple of moments of make up hell. First there was a time when I rocked a smokey eye and dark lips every Saturday night, and it was way too much! Or some hideous navy eye shadow that I blended with a silvery one... Oh dear! After sharing this I think I would tell my younger self to keep it simple, and that is what I still try to do overall.

    Inma x

  20. Love this and just read all the other tips - there's a few there I'll be trying too! Mine would be:

    1. A bright pink blusher looks scary in the pan but is amazing for making you look more alert in the morning
    2. A decent fast dry top coat will revolutionise your nail polish life
    3. Exfoliate your legs before you shave - it sloughs off the dead skin and you shave closer to the skin so it lasts longer!

    The perks of being a hipster- Christmas Yankee Candle Giveaway!

  21. Definitely wish someone taught me about eyebrows. I never threaded mine until after college, can you believe it? Such a great post. I enjoyed reading it and knowing that I'm not the only one who had embarrassing make up experiences. :)

    Rachel x

  22. 1. actually use a brow product! I never used to do anything with mine despite barely having any but now I do I see such a difference - they really do frame your face
    2. set your foundation with a powder
    3. red lipstick does suit you, I promise! there is a red for everyone there, seriously!

  23. Oh my gosh I totally remember my "bad" makeup days back in high school and I still have "bad" makeup days even today. I mean yesterday my eyeliner was practically in my crease and my eyeshadow had totally sweated off thanks to my oily eyelids.

    Anyways, I believe everyone out there needs to get a lip pencil. I use one from NYX and although it runs for less than $10 it seriously has changed up my lip game. No more bleeding lipstick for me! Plus I can just put on the lip pencil and throw on some gloss and be all good.

    Oh and don't forget to set your eyelids with powder, even after eye primer. Trust me, it has banished any creasing on my eyelids and I can certainly tell a difference if I forget this crucial step.

    Also, makeup setting spray is great when you want to go the extra mile with your makeup! Gotta have it, especially on special occasions.

    Thanks for these tips!

    - Juliet from

  24. Has anyone got any tips for what to do if your eyes always water drastically after applying liquid eyeliner?! Also my eyelids are pretty small so that doesn't help either!!

    MissGlamorousGiraffe -

  25. I will definitely be trying the dry shampoo before bed trick!!

    Nicole |

  26. Soak a cotton pad with make up remover, and pop over eyelids for 3 mins. Then massage make up off - prevents dragging that delicate skin! x

  27. Woah, I've never heard of that dry shampoo trick :o I'm gonna try it out immediately! :D Thanks!

    -Rora // Sweetimpatience | Lifestyle & Beauty blog

  28. Coconut oil is the best hair mask ever! Especially if you leave it on for 2-3 hours!!! I use the scotch tape trick for applying eye liner because everytime I make a mess and one eye is larger/thicker/pointier than the other, so I start over again! This trick will save your time! x


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