Aramis Black Eau de Toilette

When all the men in my life (steady on I have a lot of brothers and cousins) agree on one fragrance, I feel I owe it to the world, or at least the bloggersphere to share what they have to say. As a side note my brothers and Grandfather for that matter, do not have a glittering career in blogging ahead - three words do not make a review. They have however encouraged me to test out the scent for myself and I have to agree it is somewhat a hidden treasure begging to be discovered. Here is essentially what they had to say about Aramis Black Eau de Toilette, all be it somewhat stretched out.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the scent composition of Aramis Black Eau de Toilette, let me again agree with the males within my family that this is scent that can be enjoyed by all. It is sophisticated yet not overly mature, clean yet impactful and one that I have noticed lingers around for several hours without overpowering. Not everyone has the time nor gumption to try out countless fragrances, if you would place yourself within such group this is the masculine scent for you. It has a certain easiness that lends itself to any occasion. Forget a fragrance wardrobe this is the only eau de toilette you need gentlemen.

The scent pyramid is as follows:
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Elemi, Lentiscus
Heart Notes: Juniper Wood, Cognac
Base Notes: Incense, Tonka Bean, Vetiver

Seeing the notes displayed on paper may be a little worrying, especially for those who dislike bright, fruity notes? Rest assure that the hint of grapefruit really is just that, a hint - a little spark of fruity essence to prevent the overall scent from becoming jarring or heavy. In my opinion the woody note of Juniper Wood is what really does the talking, complete with an after kick of soft, smoky incense, that is softened by creamy Tonka Bean. 

As someone who doesn't lean on male based fragrances all that often I am afraid I can't compare this to anything else but if you are a little more equipped, do feel free to weigh in within the comments.

Aramis Black Eau de Toilette £62/100ml via Look Fantastic - link

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