Monday, November 02, 2015

November Beauty Wish List

nov wish list

Every now and then I convince myself that if I purchase a certain item my life will be full of wondrous joy. I of course know that this is utter nonsense and a means of justifying at least one frivolous purchase. With the festive period swiftly approaching I do have to save a little, so rather than recklessly splurging let me share what I am currently coveting - perhaps Father Christmas will be kind enough to leave one or two of the above items beneath the tree? A girl can but dream...

Topping my wish list is a foray into the world of Le Labo fragrances, I can't quite decide what I want more - a candle or a bottle of cologne? There is also the quandary of settling on what fragrance to choose too. At the moment I have been eyeing up the Santal products but at £150 per bottle or £46 per candle this is not a choice to be made lightly. You can find Le Labo via Liberty - link.

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up is a brand that leaves most of us weak at the knees, especially if a gift box of cosmetics is concerned. I have tried many of the brands best selling items but have some what neglected the foundations, I have all but promised myself that my next luxe purchase will be a bottle of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (£29.50 -link). If you have tried it do let me know your thoughts.

I forever mean to pop into my local MAC store and finally hand over my bank card in exchange for their ready made palettes, each time I go to the place is normally packed and under staffed (not a criticism, weekends should be busy), as such I continually put it off. One day I will be the proud owner of both MAC Neutral 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes, today is not that day. You can find both here - link.

While in America I purchased a few of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks and truthfully I am not overly impressed with the formulation nor customer service, more about that in a future post. The one shade I really, really wanted was Neon Coral - part red, part orange, 100% neon, needless to say it was sold out everywhere. I truly don't believe I will rest until I at least try Neon Coral out for myself.

I'm a fickle fragrance collector, one day I love a particular scent, the next not so much. One fragrance I do not tire of is Tom Ford Private Blend Venetian Bergamont, it is fresh yet not overly so, fruity yet not tart and transpires as the perfect unisex wear everywhere scent. I dare you not to fall in love. You can find it here for £145/50ml (gulp) - link.

The last thing I need is another blush let alone a palette full but how could I not earmark the new NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Palette (the whole collection is to die for). Yes it does annoyingly contain yet another pan of NARS Laguna Bronzer but as it contains five other cheek shades( none of which are NARS Orgasm Blush), all is forgiven. It's not often that I get to say this but for a premium brand offering I do think £49 is a great price tag, well at least for the quantity of product anyway. You can find the NARS One Shocking Moment Palette via Space.NK - link.

If you prefer a more muted approach to blush (and bronzer/highlighter for that matter) then you will not want to skip the Hourglass Ambient Light Edit Palette. Admittedly I do think it is a little costly given the size of each palette (they are even more dinky that those in previous offerings) but on the plus side this kit contains: two blushes,a bronzer, two light diffusing powders and an exclusive highlighter. I'd only be lying to myself if I said the want for this kit is not there. Again you can find this via Space.NK - link.

Lastly I'd like to add a few more Smith & Cult Nail Polishes to my stash, not only are the bottles and shades beyond cute but the formula is 5 free and Vegan. If you try one new polish brand this year (she says with just over a month to go until 2016) let it be Smith & Cult. At the moment Smith & Cult are exclusive to Space.NK and each polish costs £19 - link.

What is currently topping your wish list?

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  1. The Nars Palette looks gorgeous, I am also after that one! I have the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and my advice would be to try it in the shop and wear it for a few hours if at all possible. I have found it makes my face very oily, its great coverage but as someone with combination skin I prefer my foundations less oily.

  2. So basically, I want everything here too.. especially that Tom Ford fragrance. They are so expensive though, it hurts my heart a little. x x x

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  3. The product on top of my wishlisht is the new Sunday Riley cleanser . I was wondering with wich program have you creat this "picture" ?


    1. You can try Picasa, a great editing programme that allows you to make a 'collage' like the picture above.
      Hope this helps!

  4. The MAC ready palettes are in my wishlist aswell! And the Nars palette <3 <3 <3


  5. I really want to try the MAC palette and Hourglass Ambient Light Edit Palette, they look so amazing! Guess what I will now be adding to my Christmas list ;)

    Our Blog // Floralsandcoralsx

  6. Ha ha, I so relate to the pre-purchase "wondrous joy" feeling. I love Tom Ford fragrances, but damn that is a hefty price tag! That NARS cheek palette is also on my wishlist - not sure how I feel about Laguna or the contours but the blush formula is just so beautiful. Right now I'm going back and forth on UD's palette "Spectrum" - such nice jewel tones!

  7. I'm dying to try the new Charlotte Tilbury foundation since I love all of her products, I hope it comes out in the US soon!

  8. Suuuuch a gorgeous wishlist! I really want to get my hands on the CT foundation too. How gorgeous does it sound? The price of the Tom Ford fragrance has made my eyes water! Eeek!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  9. Such a great wishlist!!!! Have been eager to get Charlotte Tilbury foundation for a while now. My birthday is coming up so heres hoping!!
    A life of a charlotte

  10. I swear right now my wish list is looking very simmilar. I am so torn up over the hourglass palette though, is the size worth it?? I can never make up my mind, but I will have to on Saturday when I go shopping for my birthday! :)

    On a very big upside Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Glasgow, I so cannot wait - as I have been eyeing up the foundation too, but I think I will need to try it before I buy - I do want to try the Too Faced one too... decisions decisions!

  11. I have yet to try any Charlotte Tilbury products, they're unfortunately just not budget-friendly when you're a student! Also, I too will one day be a proud owner of a MAC eyeshadow palette haha, but I'd prefer to custom make one myself instead of buying their ready-made palettes. I'd find it so much fun picking out the colours I want! Great post as always xx

    Ciara Rose |

  12. The Hourglass palette has been top of my list for sooo long - the price does put me off a bit, but the colours and the way in which the palette is arranged is just so pretty! xox

  13. Till this day I still do not have enough money to buy hour glass; I love their product designs ^_^
    Makeup and Skin Care Review Blog

  14. Might have ordered that Nars palette at the weekend as an early birthday present to myself! Can't wait to try it out!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  15. Great post, I just blogged about my own wishlist and we have so many similar products on it! Also the Hourglass palette is amazing, you should definitely get it! xo

  16. So many amazing products! I basically want all of those as well. I have the MAC palette and it is just so dang perfect. xox.

  17. Love this list! I really wanna try the ABH liquid lipsticks!

    Lina /

  18. I was VERY disappointed in the CT foundation, if you have oily skin I would recommend avoiding it as it came off my face in a couple of hours and made my skin look very greasy.

  19. I would love to try some Mac pre made palettes! Great list!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  20. Mmmm the Hourglass palette is definitely on my list! I have the MAC palette and I'm actually not that impressed...there's only a few colors I use from it.

  21. Great list! I have in my list the Charlotte Tilbury Make Up too. I so love the packaging and the shades on it. Still saving up to get one!

  22. Lovely products! I'm really thinking of getting the Hourglass palette too, it looks so pretty!
    Emma x

  23. Almost felt like I was reading my own wish list here haha!! I have had my heart set on a Le Labo scent for quite a while now (Rose is on my list) if you ever get around to buying this one I would love to hear your thoughts! And ditto on the ABH lipstick, I will not rest until I have that baby in my little hands! As for the Hourglass palette, we probably don't need but will that stop us? Probably not! xx

    Chantalle | cece & grace

  24. I don't own any Charlotte Tilbury makeup and feel like this is something that needs to be altered! Hope the Christmas fairies treat you to at least a couple of things off of this list!

    Steph -

  25. I have always been eying the Ambient Lighting Palette from Hourglass, but after watching a review of it on YouTube I am kinda turned-off by it. Apparently the pan size is super small, so you are not getting the best "bang for your buck."

    However, one thing that is on my list is the Naked 3 Palette. I am so late on the Naked Palette train, but I cannot get over how gorgeous it looks! I mean rose gold? YES PLEASE!

    - Juliet from

  26. This is great! I'm really tempted to purchase some of these too!!!

  27. I often fall into that mental trap of "buy pretty thing = life complete." Slowly but surely breaking out of that, though!

    That Tom Ford fragrance sounds lovely, and the bottle is beautiful!

    At the moment, a few Zoeva brushes are on my wish list, but they definitely wouldn't be filling in gaps in my brushes collection. Just feeding the "all things makeup!!" coveting monster in me.


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