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50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

The suddenly dark days of Winter, that all so quickly turn into evenings have hampered my creativity (and photo taking opportunities too) and I am sure I am not alone? I think sooner or later in the Winter, we all hit a little lull and would like a little blog prompt or two? Well look no further I have rustled up 50 Winter ready blog ideas that may help spark a little inspiration, and much like before I am not promoting the purchase of new products solely to create content.

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

Gift Guides
1, For skin care lovers - a list or collage of must try skin care products, you could also separate the post into categories such as products for dry, oily and sensitised skin types etc.
2, For teens - the same idea as above but rather than just being skin care focused you could include fun bath and beauty brands.
3, The best beauty gifts on the high street for under £10 (you could also expand on this idea and offer other price brackets such as £25, £30 etc).
4, For men - I'd again expand this idea and offer a selection of gifts perhaps somewhat dependant on age, I don't necessarily think a teen boy is going to want the same fragrance gift set as a more mature man?
5, Beauty stocking stuffer ideas, I'd personally keep each gift under £5.
6, Suggestions for secret Santa gifts, a fairly tricky concept as most suggestions do have to be suit all.
7, A selection of beauty gifts ideal for any Mother and/or Grandmother. You could even compose a post in a similar style but adapt it for a Sister/Brother/Aunt/Uncle.
8, The ultimate candle guide, I mean who doesn't love a good festive candle?
9, All the best Lush gift sets for every budget.
10, I also think a general gift guide in regards to the best bath and body sets would be helpful, don't you?

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

General Festive Posts
1, The best places to stock up on beauty gift sets - i.e Boots pretty much do all their Christmas gifts on a 3 for 2 offer and hello Advantage Points.
2, The best festive gift deals - again think along the lines of Boots with their star gift of the week offers.
3, The best festive sales - for example who do the best Boxing Day sales and why.
4, For my American and international readers, perhaps a list of the best Black Friday sales would make a helpful post?
5, How to wrap those pesky, odd shaped beauty products - non-square items are a nightmare to wrap aren't they?

1, The best glitter nail polishes for all budgets (I love the new Kure Glitter shades).
2, The best festive false nails for those like myself who find nail art tricky (Primark do great sets for £10.
3, Easy to follow festive or general Winter themed nail art tutorials.
4, For those who don't enjoy glitter nail polishes perhaps a few suggestions of the best Winter ready nails shades - think deep plums, icy blues and perhaps the perfect white?
5, General nail tips for the colder weather - such as how to prevent dry cuticles and split nails etc.

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

1, The best red lipsticks for every budget - everyone needs a great red lipstick to see them through the Winter weather.
2, As Winter is the season for deep plum lipsticks, why not share a few of your favourites?
3, What about a post on the best and new festive palettes.
4, Is there any new festive beauty that are must buys?
5, What are the best eyeshadows for creating the perfect smoky eye?
6, Do you have any products that are tough enough to withstand the Winter weather, minimal touch ups required?
7, Glitter eyeshadow and liners, we all need at least one good one for the season - what are your recommendations?
8, What about the ultimate fail safe party beauty products kit? Imagine if you were just starting out in the world of make up, what products do you wish others had recommended?
9, Chapped lips - something we are all bound to experience in the coming weeks, do you have a fail safe lip balm or routine to prevent this from happening.
10, A round up of the best Winter lip balms is always going to be a winner.

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

Beauty Tutorials
1, I'd imagine a simple yet festive make up tutorial for Christmas Day would be helpful.
2, As would a simple yet elegant look for any last minute parties?
3, Speaking of last minute parties, why not share a quick tutorial in which you show others your fail safe tips and tricks, to make your everyday make up a little more party ready?
4, What about a glitzy, glitter based look for New Years Eve.
5, I think the Winter months are when we all wish we had perfected the smoky eye look by now, if you have an easy and quick method why not share it?

Skin Care
1, If you have dry skin why not offer some advice to those who only suffer from the problem seasonally - such as products you use and general tips.
2, Do you switch up your skin care routine come the colder season? If so why not explain what you do.
3, Do you have any must have Winter skin care saviours? Perhaps a mask or a facial oil?
4, What about sharing your Winter pampering routine?
5, A run down of the best hydrating face products, goodness knows we will all need at least one.

50 Winter Beauty Blog Prompts

Bath and Body Care
1, If you are familiar with the likes of Lush why not share a list of the best warming, winter products.
2, Do you have any festive must use body products, perhaps a limited edition shower gel?
3, Much like the skin on your face, you may find that the Winter dries out your skin? If you have any tips on how to best avoid this, I'm sure others would love to read them.
4, Perhaps a run down on the best moisturising body butters and lotions?
5, I'm also certain that we could all do with some self tanning recommendations and tips, all those party dresses may have you wishing for a golden glow.

1, Festive candles, I'm sure we all have a recommendation or review to share?
2, I forgot to add this to my gift guide header but I'm sure many would love a few pointers on what scent they should purchase their loved ones and why?
3, Do you have any Winter signature fragrances, perhaps a list of must try scents could spark a post?
4, What about the best fragrance gift sets, be it for a loved one or sets to hope that will go into the boxing day sales.
5, Let's be honest not every festive scent is wonderful, why not suggest a few to skip and why?

I hope the above helps, even if in a small capacity and do keep in mind, we all struggle for post inspiration time to time.

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  1. Will need to save this, I think I am going to attempt to post daily in december, I plan on incorporating Elf On The Shelf into my blog too, my son loves his elf, and I think he should be making an appearance too :)

  2. Great ideas! I really want to do blogmas - & this will help! x

  3. These types of posts are so useful, I alway get a block at this time of year!

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