Thursday, October 08, 2015

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Carmex Lip Balms

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Carmex Lip Balms

As I'm sure many of us are, I am a huge fan on not only Snoopy but the whole Peanuts franchise - cute, fun and nostalgic. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie, Carmex has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to create the a limited edition Peanuts range. There are four designs to collect or select from, with one being ultra rare. With Carmex being a Winter saviour for so many, I do imagine the Peanuts collection to be incredibly popular so let me share the full run down before they sell out.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Carmex Lip Balms

The four limited edition designs are: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally and Linus, the latter character Linus is extremely rare with only a few thousand pots being printed and distributed, prompting the #findLinus hashtag; the others should be slightly easier to find...I hope. I believe the idea is to collect all four but as the formulation is simply the original Carmex balm, I imagine most will be satisfied with one or two characters, unless that is you plan on using a lot of balm over the coming months.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Carmex Lip Balms

If you are not familiar with Carmex Lip Balm, let me quickly explain what it is and what it does - a firm, waxy balm that is medicated and has been created, to not only soothe and heal the lips but prevent further drying out and of course cracking. It is a fairly intense formula and perfectly suited to the harsh weather conditions of Winter.

The Peanuts Carmex balms have launched nationwide and cost £3.49 each.
Sadly I can not find the Peanuts Carmex Lip Balms online as of yet.

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  1. This is so cute. Bit of an odd choice of pairing though - never associated Charlie Brown with lip balm!

    Rachel |

  2. Not a collab I ever would have thought of but it's great! I love snoopy x I need one of those to go with my snoopy mirror xx

    Katie |

  3. How random :D they're really cute, but I can't see the connection myself? xxx

  4. Aw super cute! I saw these when they launched in American& was hoping they would launch here too! Hope I can spot them in a Boots or Superdrug store soon! :)

  5. These are lovely!! I'd love the Snoopy one but I already have so many lip balms to go through
    Megan x
    London Callings


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