Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

Newly launched is three, beautiful, somewhat indulgent and very much ready for the festive season fragrance by Michael Kors. The bold metallic bottles are show stoppers and beg to be displayed, in all their sleek, shiny glory. If you are gearing up to treat yourself or a loved one to a new fragrance in the coming months, I would bookmark the Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection as really is the height of luxury and with three scents to choose from there should something for everyone's taste.

As mentioned above the divine, almost molten, metal toned bottles is what will draw your attention in first - they somewhat remind me of solid gold bars and have a certain ornate value. Let's just say this is one collection you won't be shy on displaying. Each bottle has been dipped within a different metallic hue to of course allow for differentiation between the scents and to somewhat hint at the fragrance that is held inside.

Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

First up we have Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold Eau de Parfum which of course is the gold bottle within the photos. If you enjoy light, sparkling floral fragrances this is one for you - it oddly reminds me of a glass of freshly poured, fizzing champagne. Notes include orange, mandarin combined with florals and a woody base. Although not specified which floral notes have been used I would say that Jasmine plays a part and perhaps a hint of gardenia too. It is soft yet robust, long wearing and has a certain modern yet classic vibe.

Do you recall when everyone had a rose gold Michael Kors watch? Like most it was my first purchase from the fashion house, which sparked not only a love affair with the brand but rose tinged jewellery too. Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold Eau de Parfum of course comes within a rose gold, tinted bottle and features hints of delicate white florals and musk notes to create a sensual, luxurious, rich yet warm fragrance. If you your floral scents to have a kick and veer on spicy this is one to try.

Lastly we have Michael Kors White Luminous Gold Eau de Parfum which is the softer fragrance of the trio. As the name would suggest this has a certain vibrancy which is heighten by the use of soft fruity notes such as pear combined with lingering Jasmine and Amber notes.  Unlike other white floral scents I have tried in the past this skips the powdery, almost musky stage and offers a bright, sparkling scent that is festive yet chic at the same time. As with the other two additions to the Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection I have no points of comparison, this is a collective that you really need to try for yourself to fully appreciate.

You can find all three Michael Kors Gold Collection Eau de Parfums via Escentual, prices range from £39-£79 - link.

This post contains press samples.