Lush Pumice Power Review

Like most I neglect my feet and only really take care of them when needs must - i.e the night before an event or trip to the beach. I'll be honest in saying that when it comes to my feet it really does feel that my efforts of self care would be better spent elsewhere but I am consciously applying more effort and one product that is aiding the process is Lush Pumice Power. Not only does this nifty stone remove dry skin but it lathers too, it takes the fuss out of foot care.

Lush Pumice Power Review

As you can see Lush Pumice Power is a palm sized, orange tear drop shaped stone that of course contains pumice and as the orange shade of the product may suggest, it also contains Organic Sweet Orange Oil. Such oil not only provides an uplifting fragrance (almost like candied oranges) but also cleanses, tones the skin and to an extent deodorises too. Unlike traditional pumice stones, Lush Pumice Power lathers to help soften the skin, aid the exfoliation process and of course cleanse.

To use you simply dampen your feet and gently rub the stone all over, using buffing movements and of course concentration on the areas that require the most attention. I tend to take my Lush Pumice Power into the shower and quickly exfoliate my feet while my conditioner is going to work on my dry ends. I will be entirely honest in saying that this is not the most intense of foot scrubs, you will have to use a good few times before you see any form of results. The good news is that it is fairly quick, simple, affordable and mess free to use so it doesn't seem like to much of a chore. Now here's hoping this is a habit I can maintain!

Lush Pumice Power £3.25/70g via Lush - link.

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