Superdrug Hair Therapy Cleansing Conditioner Review

Co-washing isn't for me, my hair isn't quite the ideal candidate for the method and as such it it doesn't work nearly as well for me as it does my youngest sister. Blessed with tight ringlets my youngest sister has the prettiest hair I have ever seen but with such a tight curl pattern comes a whole lot of style and care problems. Anyone with curly hair doesn't need me to tell them about the woes of wash day, nor the strain of de-tangling tightly wound locks or just how dry curly hair can become. For all of those reasons and more co-washing has become a staple part of my sisters hair routine and one new product she has been enjoying is Superdrug Hair Therapy Cleansing Conditioner.

This beautifully scented co-wash (orange and bergamot) is a snip at £4.99 and according to my sister one of the better variants she has tried over the last year or so. A thick yet not overly (a little goes a long way) so texture that is easy to apply and work into the hair yet deeply conditioning - just what you'd want from a product of this nature. Rather impressively the formulation contains almond, apricot and olive oils along with Pro-Vitamin B5 to soften the hair and hopefully leave it shiny too.

As we have all most likely come to realise along the way, brand promises are just that but in the instance of Superdrug Hair Therapy Cleansing Conditioner it delivers and slightly beyond what it claims too. Unlike other co-washes my sister has tried, continued use does not weigh down her hair nor leave a greasy, film like residue behind. It effectively rinses away dirt, grease and all other un-pleasantries often found trapped in the hair. It also smooths and defines the curls, helping to eradicate frizz and allow for an easier de-tangling session. I'm not sure what else you could ask for from a product like this really?

If you are a fan of co-washing my sister urges you to give this a whirl, at just £4.99 for 300ml bottle you may be suitable impressed! You can find it here - link.

This post contains a press sample.