Travel Beauty Space Saving Solutions

Believe it or not I'm an easy person to travel with; I'm dinky so I don't take up much space and can sit comfortably in the middle seat (my little legs have their uses), I tend to pop on my headphones and watch the in-flight movies and keep myself to myself. I travel light (more space in my suitcase to bring back goodies) yet I am prepared for just about every event. Love Holidays challenge me to share a few space saving tips and tricks, as well as my in-flight essentials - some of which may just surprise you.

Travel Beauty Space Saving Solutions

As I said I travel light, I'm not the gal with a mud face mask on during an 8 hour flight (I've never actually witness anyone do that, have you?) rather I keep deep moisturisers and a few products to help me look less than dishevelled once I have landed. I don't wear a stitch of make up to the airport for long journeys, I don't see the point when all I'm going to do is remove it once on board. Rather I apply a tinted SPF such as Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF45, slip on my sweats (did I mention I'm glamorous?), a big pair of sunglasses and off I go. Once in flight I remove my SPF using a facial wipe and slather on a deep moisturiser, yes technically Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask, is just that a mask but as it is fully absorbs, there is no mess and you'll be hard pushed to find anything as gentle yet deeply hydrating like it. I apply this just after take off and then again half way through the flight if my skin is feeling particularly parched. I always travel with a hand cream and lip balm, at the moment I am enjoying Dr. PawPaw Peachy Pink Balm as it is not only deeply nourishing on the lips but it provides a gentle wash of colour too.

Once we have landed I quickly wipe my face down, re-apply sunscreen to any exposed areas and if I'm feeling particularly fancy I will dab on a little concealer, a quick slick of mascara and lip balm before heading out to my hotel. If I'm entirely honest most of the time I'm just glad to be off of the flight and will once again just rely on SPF and big sunglasses.

Travel Beauty Space Saving Solutions]

When you travel, the last thing you want to do is empty the contents of your dressing table into a suitcase/rucksack and be on your merry way. Less is more and if products can double up and serve more than one purpose all the better. For instance I do not tend to pack after sun, rather I rely on Aloe Vera not only is far more cooling and hydrating than your typical after sun it will serve all manners of burns, it can also be used as a face mask and a solution to razor burn. I apply similar logic to make up; I look for small, segmented blush palettes - ideally one that contains a blush shade and a highlighter of sorts, if a shade doubles up as an eyeshadow, all the better. I personally rate
Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palettes and the NARS Dual Intensity Blush Palettes for this very reason. Another great multi-tasking product to perhaps look out for is BB creams with a high SPF - if visiting a hot climate the last thing you want is a heavy base product, a BB cream will even out your skin tone and the high SPF will protect. I personally pack Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream Sun Protection SPF50 50ml - great for medium to tanned complexions.

Travel is also the time in which you should employ the services of miniature products, especially primers and fragrance. If you can find your favourite fragrance in rollerball form you've pretty much made it in life, well maybe not but still, let's chart it up as a win. I seldom leave home without a tube of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, more often than not the travel sized version as not only does it keep my eyeshadow in place but you can mix a little into your daily moisturiser to create, a make shift, fade and oil resistant facial primer. 

If you do enjoy a facial mask when away from home I can not recommend the Origins Mask Pods enough; your favourite Origins mask in a dinky, travel friendly 5ml pod for individual use. A perhaps more frugal option would be to invest in a re-usable stack of screw pots- that way you can fill and label each pot with various skin care lotions and potions, saving an abundance of space within your luggage.

I hope some of the above is helpful in some way but please feel free to add your own tips and suggestions below.

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