Sachajaun Ocean Mist Haircare Review

I've finally reached that stage in my life in which I am happy with my natural hair - good for me huh? Sure I'll run the straighteners over my hair every now and then but generally I am content with my natural waves come curls - well with a little help that is. Anyone with wavy or curly hair will vouch that there really is no such thing as "effortless curls", frizz is a very real problem and don't get me started on curl definition. For those like myself who nestle comfortably in between wavy come curly hair, or for those with straight hair looking to create soft waves, you need to try the Sachajaun Ocean Mist haircare. One word - revolutionary.

As the name may suggest, all of the products within the Sachajaun Ocean Mist haircare range are infused with natural salts to add volume to the hair. Now unlike other sea salt hair concoctions this range is utterly weightless and does not dry out the hair, all the while adding volume, body and definition to the hair. If you have as much as a natural wave to your hair, this will create the beach goddess defined waves of your dreams - step aside Gisele Bündchen...or something like that. On more curly/wavy hair types, I find that the salt helps to not only control but prevent frizz with the added bonus of a little natural volume.

Sachajaun Ocean Mist Haircare Review

One thing Sachajaun haircare does better than any other is light formulations and textures. Yes the Sachajaun Ocean Mist Shampoo deeply cleanses, adding volume as it goes and the Sachajaun Ocean Mist Conditioner smooths the hair follicle preventing frizz and providing deep hydration; all without weighing down the hair - making it perfect for even the finest or coarsest of hair textures. Perhaps this is just a problem I occur with salted hair care but neither the Sachajaun Ocean Mist Shampoo nor Conditioner leave my hair sticky, crispy nor knotted. As I said it is revolutionary and in my opinion the last word in sea salt infused haircare.

Think of Sachajaun Ocean Mist products as your secret to "effortless" beach waves/curls and bask in the compliments - I know I do.

Sachajaun Ocean Mist Shampoo (£20/250ml) and Sachajaun Ocean Mist Conditioner (£22/250ml) via Beauty Bay.

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