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50 More Beauty Blogging Prompts

50 More Beauty Blogging Prompts

When I wrote my 100 Beauty Blogging Prompts post, it was initially titled "150 Beauty Blogging Prompts". I deemed that to be a tad too long winded and whittled it down to 100. It seemed a shame to simply disregard the other 50 prompts as they may be helpful to someone, at some point so I decided to post one more Beauty Blogging Prompt list - and with 10 new sub-headings no less.

Much like the previous list I have ensured that the majority, if not all of the below prompts can be used without purchasing new products - I don't believe need to spend money to blog and I'm sure others would agree? Again as bloggers are the same, no two final posts will be the same even if using the same blogging prompts. Admittedly the below list isn't exactly ground breaking but it may help to spark some blogging concepts or posts of your own, when inspiration is at its lowest.

50 More Beauty Blogging Prompts

Beauty Education
1. The beauty/blogging books you recommenced.
2. The best Youtube channels for beauty tutorials.
3. The best blogs for tutorials.
4. The websites/blogs that you have learnt the most from and why.
5. The best Pinterest beauty accounts to follow.

1. The products that did not work for you.
2. Your multi-masking routine.
3. Your pampering skin care routine.
4. Your favourite facial SPF and why.
5. Your transitional skin care must haves i.e Summer into Autumn skin care.

1. Your favourite Autumn make up picks.
2. Five Autumn nail shades to try.
3. Five Autumn ready lip shades to try.
4. Your Autumn beauty must haves.
5. Autumn ready scents - could be candles or general fragrance, or a mix of both.

50 More Beauty Blogging Prompts

1. Five dark lipsticks to try.
2. Halloween looks that are suitable for the office.
3. Halloween inspired nail art or polishes.
4. How to do create a dramatic smoky eye.
5. Halloween make up for the lazy/uninterested/last minute ideas.

1. Winter ready skin care.
2. Festive nail polish shades to try.
3. How you keep your skin/body/hair protected from the harsh winter weather.
4. Festive make up looks.
5. Five red lipsticks for "party season".

Beauty Storage
1. DIY Storage tips or tutorials.
2. Your current set up - could be a tour of your vanity, if you have one.
3. How you store your make up brushes.
4. How you store make up/brushes when away from home - particularly interesting if you live in student accommodation.
5. How you store/organise your nail polishes.

50 More Beauty Blogging Prompts

Beauty Packing
1. The items you take everywhere with you and why.
2. How you pack your travel make up bag - could also share what is inside and why.
3. Any travel/packing beauty hacks tips you may have picked up along the way.
4. Products to leave at home and why - i.e anything breakable/irreplaceable.
5. The best travel friendly brands/products/tools.

The Duds
1, Skin care products you would not repurchase and why.
2. Make up products you would not repurchase and why.
3. The nail polish formulations you don't rate and why.
4. Beauty products you can not get on board with and why.
5. Beauty trends/concepts you will never follow and why.

The Monthly's/Weekly's
1. A run down of any products you have finished a.k.a Empties.
2. Your favourite products for the last few weeks a.k.a Monthly Favourites.
3. Products that have disappointed you in the last few weeks a.k.a The Duds.
4. Products you aim to use more of in the coming weeks/months a.k.a Shopping the Stash.
5. Blogs/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Youtube accounts to watch/sub to a.k.a The Ones to Watch.

Nail Art
1. How to do a basic French manicure.
2. Easy water marbling technique/s.
3. How to apply water nail decals.
4. How to create floral nail art.
5. Five basic nail art tutorials to try - could be seasonal, i.e five Halloween Easy Nail Art Tutorials.

You can read my other Beauty Blogging Prompt post here - link.
Do let me know if you have found either useful.

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