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100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

Beauty blogging can be an expensive business - well if you let it be. It can also be difficult to come up with new ideas for blog posts several times a week, or daily for that matter. I may not have a whole of advice for beauty bloggers (I'd hate to regurgitate the same information that is already out there, or worse lead someone astray) but I have composed a list of 100 easy to put into practise blog post ideas.

My general consensus was to ensure that the majority, if not all of the below prompts can be used without purchasing new products - you don't need to spend money to blog, that is a redundant idea. As no two people are the same, we could all use the following blog posts concepts and in theory no two would be identical. My prompts are in no way ground breaking but they may help to shake off a few cobwebs and fire up inspiration for your own blog posts.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

Skin Care
1. Your daily skin care routine.
2. Your evening skin care routine.
3. How you treat blemishes.
4. Your go to mask/s.
5. Your winter skin saviours.
6. Your summer skin saviours.
7. How you treat dry skin.
8. Your staple skin care items that you forever repurchase.
9. Budget skin care recommendations.
10. Luxury skin care recommendations.

Make Up
1. Your everyday base/foundation.
2. Your lipstick collection - it doesn't have to be MAC centric.
3. Your favourite lipsticks/foundations/blushes/eyeshadws/mascaras etc.
4. Your brush collection and recommendations.
5. Budget make up recommendations.
6. Luxury make up recommendations.
7. Your go to night make up selection.
8. Your everyday make up routine.
9. The how much does your face cost tag.
10. A £20 make up look.
11. A £100 make up look.
12. How you fill your brows
13. How you contour.
14. Your favourite make up brushes and why.
15. Your desert island beauty picks.
16. Your top five beauty products of all time.
17. The beauty products that have disappointed you.
18. Your favourite Summer beauty products.
19. Your favourite Winter beauty products.
20. A product you would be lost without.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

Monthly Features
1. Monthly beauty favourites.
2. Monthly beauty misses.
3. New purchases from said month.
4. Beauty rediscoveries from the past month.
5. Shop your stash and see of you can source any wonderful but forgotten about products.

1. Your must try fragrance.
2. Your favourite fragrances of all time.
3. Your fragrance time line - the scents you love and why.
4. Your fragrance collection.
5. Your signature fragrance.
6. Your candle collection.
7. Your favourite ever candle and why.
8. Your favourite home fragrance brands.
9. Fragrances you'd love to own/try.
10. Your favourite celebrity fragrances and why.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

Wish Lists
1. Monthly wish list.
2. Birthday wish list.
3. Pay day treats wish list.
4. Christmas wish list.
5. Products you dream of one day owning wish list.

1. How you store your make up/skin care/nail products.
2. How you take care of your hair/nails/skin.
3. Advice you'd give your teenage self in regards to beauty.
4. Make up tips and tricks you have learnt along the way.
5. How you save money when beauty shopping.
6. Your favourite DIY face mask.
7. Your favourite DIY body treatment.
8. The beauty products you'd recommend to those new to the world of beauty.
9. The skin care products you'd recommend to those new to the world of skin care.
10. How to create the perfect manicure at home.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

Hair Care
1. How you care for your hair type.
2. The best hair care products you have found.
3. The best styling hair care products you have found.
4. Your hair care essentials.
5. Your hair essential hair care tools.

Body Care
1. Your top body washes/shower gels/body moisturisers.
2. How you take care of the skin on your body.
3. How you exfoliate the skin on your body.
4. Your showering routine.
5. Self tanning advice.
6. Your favourite self tanners and why.
7. Perhaps a tale about a self tanning disaster - we've all been there.
8. Your sun care recommendations.
9. Your favourite bath and body products.
10. Your favourite bath and body brands.
11. How you take care of your teeth.
12. How you treat/pamper yourself.
13. Your favourite Lush products.
14. Your ideal night at home.
15. Your favourite Winter body essentials.
16. Your favourite Summer body essentials.
17. Your shaving essentials and tips.
18. The best budget body care products.
19. Luxury body care recommendations.
20. Your idea of the perfect bath or shower.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

What's Inside...
1. Your everyday make up bag.
2. Your holiday/vocation make up bag.
3. Your gym bag.
4. Your shower.
5. Your overnight bag.

Sharing the Love
1. A round up of your favourite blog articles of the week/month/year.
2. Ten beauty blogs to follow.
3. Ten beauty Instagram accounts to follow.
4. Your favourite online/physical shops for beauty buys and why.
5. The blogs/sites you recommend bookmarking and why.

100 Beauty Blogging Prompts

1. Your favourite nail polish shades ever.
2. Easy to follow nail art tutorials.
3. The best nail art tools.
4. How you paint and treat your nails.
5. Your favourite budget/high end nail brands and why.

If you have found that the blogging inspiration well has dried up recently I wouldn't worry, it happens to us all and it will pass. 

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  13. I love all the suggestions, I tend to do mine in a cycle, I use tags so I can see what I have done and what I am overdue on, also when I think of something I will save it in a draft as a reminder incase I loose the flow.

    I like to do things monthly too, so I have set days for different things, Monthly Wishlist (7th) Monthly Empties (15th) Project life (22nd) and Monthly Favourties (31st) its not always bang on the right days but it keeps me in check :)

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