How Scented Hair Care Can Affect Your Mood

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Before you pop into the shower let to wash your hair, let me ask you a quick question - how often do you take a few moments to really enjoy your shower? Seldom, is most likely the answer but did you know that if you do take the time to enjoy your morning ritual, it may just improve your day and leave you feeling prepared to tackle whatever the day may bring.

Herbal Essences have conducted a survey and found out that eight out of ten women agree with the above statement and a whopping 57% of women feel more relaxed after an enjoyable shower. Along with 84% of the said women above, I agree that my shower is one of the places I deem as an escape within my house/day - any product that can help make the experience more pleasurable is a welcome addition. With that in mind I have been trialling the Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour collection - two hair care products with a creamy consistency that helps to protect colour treated hair and reveal a radiant shine.

How Scented Hair Care Can Affect Your Mood

Admit it, those that can will sniff their hair every now and then - I do so out of habit and to ensure that the day has not left it smelling foul. Along with 88% of surveyed women I too purchase body care products based on fragrance alone, I also slot into the 75% of women who prefer fruity scents over floral notes. Along with deeply cleansing and caring for my hair, the Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Shampoo and Conditioner leaves my hair beautifully fragranced which I find entirely satisfying. The uplifting notes of Rose and Passion Fruit - a fragrance as bold as my hair colour, that helps to awaken and somewhat leave me feeling happy and dare I say fresh. The scent alone can help transform a miserable day and turn my humble bathroom into a Spa like environment. Fun fact - British women spend 17 minutes in the shower alone each morning, with wonderfully scented products such as Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioners I can truly see why.

As a city living and working kinda gal, I know only too well the smell of stale smoke and fumes on my hair - less than pleasing.  I associate such smells with dirt and feel less than clean when my hair does not smell great. With Herbal Essences I can wash and condition my hair at 7am and still catch wafts of the comforting, happy scent at 5pm - that is surviving several meetings and public transport in a busy city. Even more impressive I can go for dinner, sit near the kitchen and still be able to detect the fruity come floral scent on my hair, as freshly as I could first thing in the morning. This is also the case after a quick work out at the gym (I shower at home) - which leaves me feeling fresh and of course energised. I know it may sound silly but something as little as wonderfully scented hair leaves me not only feeling happy but oddly accomplished. Apparently I am not alone 69% of those surveyed agree with such sentiment too.

If you are looking to turn your shower into a sensory experience, enhancing both your day and mood then you may want to switch to Herbal Essences for your hair care needs.

You can find the Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour range via Boots rrp £3.50/400ml - link.