Yankee Candle Spa Inspired Home Fragrances

I must confess Yankee Candle have not actually released a range of Spa inspired fragrances, rather I have collected a few recent launches in which I think may have been inspired by beauty treatments. If you are looking to create a little at home oasis or simply want a few new, beautiful and altogether unusual fragrances to spruce up your bathroom and/or home then look no further. I have five utterly affordable suggestions you can't afford to miss.

Yankee Candle Spa Inspired Home Fragrances

My Yankee recommendations to help create a certain level of ambience at home are:

Yankee Candle Aloe Water - The perfect green yet clean and refreshing scent. If you are familiar with Aloe fragrances this will not disappoint, if not I'd describe it as a light, natural aquatic fragrance that is ideal for just about every situation. It is very calming and is the ideal companion for unwinding with at night or to compliment a soak in the tub.

Yankee Candle Cassis - Okay not your typical Spa scent so to speak - a bright, zest blackcurrant fragrance but the reason I have included Yankee Candle Cassis is that it is uplifting and reinvigorating. Hear me out, you visit the Spa to not only relax but to also recharge? Yes? Well Yankee Candle Cassis does just that, all the while leaving my home cocooned within a light, true to life fruity scent that is not at all overwhelming nor sugary sweet.

Yankee Moroccan Argan Oil - You don't need me to tell you that Moroccan Oil is a pretty big deal within the beauty world, well now not only can you treat your hair and skin with the substance but inhale the sweet aroma too. Exotic, slightly spicy and calming with hints of Patchouli and Sandalwood, the perfect addition to any at home pampering session be it a hair mask or a pedicure.

Yankee Oud Oasis - Perhaps one of the more traditional "Spa" scents of the bunch - strong, aromatic and reminiscent of incense burning and luxurious massage oils. If you enjoy deep, almost floral based fragrances this should be your next purchase. I also think this will be a great warming and welcoming scent for the upcoming Autumn.

Yankee Shea Butter - If you are a fan of The Body Shop's Shea Butter range, stop everything you are doing and order Yankee Shea Butter - they smell pretty much identical. I would describe Yankee Shea Butter as a fairly true to life scent only this is more intense and creamier. It is both comforting and relaxing, it's what Sunday evenings are begging out for.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to pretend I am Zen like and sip on Cucumber water.

You can find all of the above scents via Yankee Candle prices range from £1.49 - £21.99 - link.