A Note On Being Hairy

I've not only toyed with putting this post into action but debated on what exactly is a suited title. Technically we are all hairy to some extent, being mammals and all but some of us produce a little more hair than others - way to impress us all with your words and scientific know how Adrienne. I happen to fall into the latter category - I am hairier than the average female and guess what? Despite what others have had to say in the past, the ideals passed on from the media (that we should all be slippery smooth dolphin like creatures) and so on I am entirely okay with it. It's hair, it's normal and it isn't hurting anyone.

One thing I have noticed is that the internet loves to diagnose, let me begin with stating that I have neither Hirsutism (excessive hair growth in women) nor a problem my thyroid. My hormone levels have been tested several times, it seems the extra hair is heredity; both sides of my family are fairly hairy and genetics have dictated that I too shall follow suit.

A Note On Being Hairy

Like most women I have peach fuzz all over my face (teeny, tiny white hairs) - if you don't think you have them catch a glimpse of your face in a car mirror on a sunny day and then get back to me. I get my upper lip waxed and when I can be bothered my eyebrows. Despite my impressive ability to grow hair elsewhere, my eyebrows are fairly sparse - the fact that I have not plucked my eyebrows more than five times in my life somewhat pains me. While we are on the topic of my face, I have two mutant hairs; not a medical term by any means but a pet name I have somewhat coined for stray unexplainable hairs. I have one, long, coarse blonde hair that grows out from between my eyebrows and another that grows out of my left brow. They seem to appear from nowhere and surprise every month or so. A quick pluck with the tweezers and they are gone, no big deal.

I also have a hairy tummy; as a youngster I found it hilarious (no real idea why other than I was very easily amused) and would show it to anyone who spare me five minutes - my flashing days are happily over. The hair is still there but I am more inclined to shave it off than show it to anyone and everyone. I also have a few hairs in my cleavage which I remove as and when I see them, or if I remember to do it. You see I remove them for myself not anyone else and could not care less if anyone ever noticed one - my question to them would be why are you staring so closely at my tummy or chest for that matter. Since I'm sharing something fairly personal, let me add that at no point in my life has an ex-boyfriend noticed or commented on my hairiness. Not because I'm super vigilant with the plucking, waxing or tweezing but because they couldn't care less - it's 2015 not 1946, humans have bigger fish to fry than stubble.

So if you do find the odd hair on your tummy, chest, lip or anywhere know that  you are not alone. It's hair, it's normal, we all have it and if it ever bothers you there are plenty of hair removal solutions some more permanent than others.