Best Highlighters of 2015

Summer may have been a wash out in terms of weather but no one can deny it is been great season for make up, particularly highlighters. With strobing very much the make up trend of the moment, what better time for me to share a selection of my favourite highlighters for all skin types, tastes and of course budgets.

Best Highlighters of 2015


I have one rule for highlighting powders and that is, that they must be light, not in colour or finish but texture. I want a glowy, radiant finish but it must be lightweight and cake free - heavy powders need not apply. It is not an easy task finding the perfect powder highlighter but I have three recommendations that fit the bill beautifully.

Tom Ford Skin Skin Illuminating Powder Duo (£56) - Two shades of gel based highlighting powders: one mimics daylight, the other candlelight. This product offers a refined, yet almost metallic sheen, that won't draw attention to imperfections - all the while being cooling and long wearing. Due to the gelee texture (it glides on to the skin almost like a liquid yet feels and sets like a powder) this is ideal for drier skin types but most likely will be loved by all. You can read my full review and see swatches here - link. 

Topshop Powder Highlighters (£10 each) - Soft, easy to blend highlighters, that pack a punch in terms of pigmentation. They provide a high sheen finish, which is again almost metallic; all the while featuring an easy to apply and blend texture. The Topshop Powder Highlighters come in two colour options: Topshop Sunbeam Highlighter -- a yellow toned gold hue, that is a great dupe for The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. The other shade is Topshop Horizon, - a mid toned bronze that funnily enough is a great alternative to The Balm Betty Lou The Bronzing Banditonly a smidgen deeper in tone. If you enjoy a noticeable highlighting powder this is what you have been looking for. Again you can read a full review and see swatches here - link. 

Elizabeth Arden Bronzer and Highlighter (£28) - to the best of my knowledge the new-ish Elizabeth Arden Bronzer and Highlighters are limited edition. The good news is that they are still very much readily available and the perfect choice for those who are currently on the look out for a palette that contains both bronzing and highlighting options. In some instances the highlighter can double up as a blush depending on your skin tone. Let's forget the beautiful bronzer options within said palette and concentrate on the highlighter - a soft focus, come metallic powder that glides on like a gel yet stays in place like a traditional powder. It doesn't settle into the pores and creates the most enviable shot of radiance. Yes both Elizabeth Arden Bronzer and Highlighters contain pink toned shades but trust me when I say they look natural of all - age, skin texture and tone inclusive.

Best Highlighters of 2015

Matte Powder Highlighter

For those who want to add light to the face, without any traces of shimmer then you simply need to try out the new Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palettes (£6.99). Not only does each kit contain a great matte highlighting powder, that doubles up as a setting powder but also a contouring powder too. Yes the highlighter within the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette, is technically a matte powder but it is far from flat, on the skin it brightens and uplifts dull complexions. It is great for brightening the under eye area as well as the brow bone. All in all a great little kit that costs less than £10 and comes in two colour options. You can read my full review and see swatches here - link.

Best Highlighters of 2015

Liquid Highlighters

The beauty of liquid highlighters is that not only can they be used in the traditional sense (i.e targeted application on the cheekbones etc) but a little can be mixed into foundation for an all over glow. If there is one thing the UK highstreet does well it is liquid highlighters, let me share my top three picks:

Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter (£4.99) - a light, liquid come gel highlighter that comes in four shades. The liquid texture is easy to blend onto the skin (be it the face or body) and is ideal for those who prefer a light sheen rather than an obvious hit of highlighter. The liquid texture mixes perfectly with just about all foundations and body lotions for that matter. If a sun kissed glow is what you crave this is the highlighter for you. A complete and utter bargain.

MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink (£5.95) - this is probably most famed for being a great dupe for Benefit High Beam but I'd go as far as saying it is more superior in formulation. A well pigmented liquid highlighter, that is easy to apply (and blend) thanks to the precision focused brush. The MeMeMe Beats the Blues highlighter creates a noticeable yet soft focus glow, that is long wearing and transfer resistant. It is ideal for all skin tones and types, not to mention a few drops can be added to foundation for an all over hint of radiance. You can read my full review and see swatches here - link.

Not only does Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter (£5.99) create the most natural glow on all skin types and colourings but it also doubles up as a primer. For a subtle radiance boost apply before foundation, to turn the intensity up a notch mix into foundation, or for an all out glow apply on top of foundation. The light, liquid texture blends out with ease and creates a soft, oyster pink glow that is flattering on all. You can read my full review and see swatches here - link.

Best Highlighters of 2015

Cream Highlighters
Cream highlighters are perfect for those who like a quick, easy and multitasking option - not to mention they are far more user friendly for slicking on the go, no brush necessary. Typically speaking cream products of any nature, are something I lean on more come the Summer months but they are the ideal choice for drier skin types. I have two cream highlighting products on rotation at the moment...

NARS Multiple in Orgasm (£29) - I can't make up my mind if this is a blush or a highlighter? Either way the formulation is unbeatable; a light gel like texture, that glides onto the skin leaving behind a hint of colour and radiance. It doesn't settle into my enlarged pores, doesn't give way to my oily skin and is the perfect lazy day/gal product, for when all you want to do is perk up complexion with next to no effort. As an added bonus you can use NARS Multiple as a lip and/or eye colour. I am converted, I have seen the light.

For those looking for more of a traditional highlighting shade in cream form, may I recommend MUA Luxe Highlight Shimmer Stick (£4)? Again a gel come cream formulation, that glides onto the skin effortlessly and can be blended out for a more subtle approach. The light shell pink hue suits most if not all skin tones and in my opinion this is perfectly suited to the needs of the current strobing trend.

Now tell me what is your all time favourite highlighter?